Mannabase - The first token that wants to provide a universal basic income for everyone


Hey guys, I just got something from a friend, which sounds very interesting:

It's about mannabase or manna. This is a new cryptocurrency and represents a future basic income. It is, according to Mannabase, the world's first digital currency to be made available as a universal basic income and backed by a charity in the US using blockchain technology. For more information, see the Mannabase home page.

To get some free coins, simply log in with your email address and share your link. For this it would be very nice, if you would use my ref link for the registration, so that we too can be part of this interesting idea.

Should mannabase prevail in the future, a basic basic income will simply sound fantastic.

We can be curious, what it maybe will be able to achieve :-).

Please tell me what you think about it!