Crypto: Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Which project are you into?

Sitting at the table looking out my kitchen window I'm thinking on the upcoming cryptocurrency bullrun that will inevitably come soon and how, although I have a hodge podge portfolio of diverse assets, I would like to get well placed in the world of Decentralized Finance and Oracles. To the average crypto enthusiast I'm sure that's all our thoughts. Stay ahead of the game. Find that Holy Grail. Find that star and grab hold. Hmmmm! Easier said than done. Few have the money or the resources to be that utilitarian.
Not having a team of researchers or a line of credit from here to China (no pun intended) I ask anyone out there that may want to share their knowledge and wisdom in the DeFi arena to give to the humblest of us out here that want to learn and participate in the largest history in human history. That is, cryptocurrency and all aspects of it.
I found a recent article online that listed Ten DeFi Projects up and coming for the later part of 2020. If you would have a preference would you please reply. You dont have to explain yourself. It would be great if you have had positive experience with the platform and would like to elaborate. Otherwise, simply stating the platform's name would be a help. If you've been in this space for any length of time (I've been in this game since 2013) the new platforms and technology are hard for the average person to keep up with in his normal daily travels. Here are the 10 DeFi Projects:
Orion Protocol
Yearn Finance
Curve Finance

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