Do you think btc and altcoin will exist or zero down by 2035

The recent rise of A. I have given rise to a lot of possibilities to access information about the past, present and predictive about the future.

Whenever there is a predictive technology we are always more interested in the future uncertainties and how we can be certain of it.

The present and past fact is not as exciting as being able to foresee the future. Even tho history chose to repeat itself too sometimes.


In the past predicting the future has always been a thing only higher men and elites in power are much in control due to their resources until now that A. I have started doing all kinds of things for both the elites and the average person with few to zero resources.

Openai chatbot is one of the ones making waves in the A.I world and the recent predictive analysis done by this A.i about crypto was one that looks good for crypto holders but bad for the masses who think it is smarter than themselves and believes whatever the machine spits out.

The questions and answers were posted on Twitter by coinbase exec here and this is what it has to say about BTC and alt-coins too.


He even went as far as to analyse some common controversies and conspiracy theories with some being likely true and others unlikely to be true with a percentage possibility. You can check more predictions in the tweet.

The question now is what do you think about the future of BTC and alt in the next few years? It's likely most alts will be nearing zero as the ai predicted.

Let me know your thoughts. Would alts ever be a thing of the past or they'll just keep coming and going while btc stands?

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