Helix v1.2.6 Update and AMA (09/09/2020 11 PM EST)

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Dear Helix community,

It's been a very busy last few months for the Helix team. Our crew competed in an international hackathon and learned improved ways to encrypt data, we dove into developing the Helix code base to optimize it, and hired on new coders... We have been busy!

That being said, we are thrilled to release the 1.2.6 version update for our Helix wallets and Masternodes!

This update primarily focuses on improving the overall performance of Helix. With this update, in testing, we have seen getchaintips operations that are over 20 times faster, and the speed to connect blocks is also about 1.7 times faster!

Beyond just speed increases we have also managed to make great improvements to memory usage, various disk operations, processing speeds, and the front-end handling for those rather large wallets that contain a lot of history.

New Features

Along with speed optimization we have also released new features that will greatly improve the usability of our wallet.

Hierarchical deterministic (HD) addressing. It's a big word but, in a nutshell, this will allow an improved process of generating key pairs that use the same master seed.

Further, with the Hierarchical deterministic (HD) addressing in place we were able to add in mnemonic seed words! Now when you create your master seed you can use a randomly generated set of 24 seed words. This means you can back up your wallet and recover it any time with these words. No more backup file!

Note: however this is only for NEW wallets. ( please read the full release notes on best methods for migrating or working with older wallets)

Beyond this, there have been numerous bug fixes and other performance improvements.

You're welcome to read full updates and release notes on GitHub right here --> https://github.com/ProjectHelixCoin/helix/releases

AMA with Nathan Senn

Join Nathan Senn, the Owner of DataLoft LLC and Lead Developer on Helix for an AMA. We will talk about the current state of Helix and where we are heading over the next 4 to 6 months and beyond. Will take live questions from the audience and address pre-submitted questions from the community.

The AMA on HLIX is set for 09/09/2020 (11pm EST), Join us on Discord and/or Youtube.

Here is our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/gFe7Bw

Thank you for being part of the Helix community

We are dedicated to growing this project and to become a leader in the blockchain space.

Website: https://helix-crypto.com/
Explorer: https://explorer.helix-crypto.com/

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