POB token is more valuable than what you think

Many users (sellers) of POB don't even notice, there is a strong demand for this token. It's evident in the market depth!


Also, look at how much someone is willing to pay for the POB token, about 2.50 Hive/POB or equivalent to about 1.39 USD.


It makes me wonder why would they dump their POB tokens at a price of 0.95 Hive/POB ($0.52)?


These dumpers are probably thinking that the POB tokens that they earn are just a nuisance on their Hive-Engine wallet and they want to get rid of them quickly. I think that it's not a good mindset for something that you get for free (almost) that has a real value.

Although there is nothing wrong with selling it to the market because everyone is entitled to do anything on their tokens. All I'm trying to say is that the token has a strong demand and there are very few who are selling at this point. Just look at the current distribution of the POB tokens.


If it's not obvious enough, the majority of the POB tokens are staked or powered up! There is a total of 88.67% that are being locked up as stakes. I don't know any other tribe that has that high percentage in terms of staked tokens (feel free to correct if this assumption is wrong).

Let me give you a piece of advice, don't dump it at a cheap price. Pick a price that is as high as 2 Hive per POB or even higher. You might be pleased that it was filled in a few days.

Just look at the chart and the market depth.

There are whales who are accumulating more POB tokens even at a high cost.


Very Important before you invest

NFA: Not Financial Advice!

DYOR: Do Your Own Research!

IAYOR: Invest At Your Own Risk!


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