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Cross Cultural Marriage: A Nigerian Experience by @salvadornkpara


Mr. Temple Gimbe an indigene of Lewe in Gokana local government area of Rivers State, Nigeria traveled to Indonesia to study, in the process met one Miss. Christine who was also a student. Love they said is a beautiful thing and also blind. Although not all love is blind. They became so madly in love. There's a Nigerian adage that says 'as you go to the University learn everything' this include love. This Ogoni (Ogoni is an ethnic group in Nigeria) man asked her hand in marriage and she accepted.



The Oba of Benin is a top traditional ruler and the custodian of the culture of the Edo people of Nigeria. Wikipedia shares that the palace was built in the heart of the City of Benin by Oba Ewedo which was later rebuilt by Oba Eweka II after it was destroyed during the 1897 war with the British. This palace tops the list of the prestigious places in Edo State and it's popular for being a tourist attraction to foreigners, curators, historians and archaologists.

Spreading Peace and Maintaining Culture in "Nyadran Perdamaian" agenda in Central Java (Indonesia) by @nnurdiani


I just remembered that before the covid-19 pandemic, where I worked there were cultural activities. This agenda is in collaboration with the surrounding community. The agenda is "Nyadran Perdamaian". This agenda is held in Central Java. Precisely in Krecek village - Gletuk village. In fact, Nyadran's agenda comes from the culture of the Hindu community. So, the Nyadran agenda has indeed become the culture and culture of the Hindu community.

Railway Line in East Java, 1910 by @fotosedjarah


Just as the United States built railways to connect the East and West coasts, the Dutch East Indies government also built railways to connect cities on the islands of Java and Sumatra. The Dutch East Indies government first built railway in Java in 1864, making Indonesia the second country to have railway in Asia after India. The railways built by the Dutch East Indies government later became the foundation for the railways in Indonesia today.

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