The collapse of the cryptocurrency. An opportunity to become rich?

Good day, dear users of this forum. How are you? Is everything okay?)

We all know what's going on in the market, for example, I'm already tired of seeing the price of bitcoin like this, it's sad, because just a few months ago it cost two and a half times more, but if you look at it from the other side, the crypto market always jumps, grew, updated peaks and fell again, sat still and up again. Why can't we assume that Bitcoin will begin its new growth to new heights in a few months?

Today's situation should not be taken as a crash, horror, blood and guts, but like this - "wow, cryptocurrency at a discount, a new opportunity, I will buy now, use the opportunity provided and in the future it will pay off.

Personally, I am accumulating a crypt, it is obviously stupid to sell, in such a period you need to earn as much as possible and invest in order to reap the benefits, many whine that they did not have time to invest, did not earn their millions, here is an opportunity for you, buy a crypt with a 60 percent discount, take the opportunities, here they are.


And what are you doing now so that in the future you will buy an apartment in the capital, a house by the sea and some kind of red car, maybe a convertible?))

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