I Can Do What I WANT, Damn You!


You Know Those Cocktails With Lot's Of Rum
and Little Toothpicks in Coconut Drinks?

The night started off easy enough, we both wanted to get off the boat, enjoy a local pub, with an easy meal and a little cocktail at happy hour. It usually happens after a week on the boat. Enjoying the weather and sun, the wonderful vistas, and even the gentle rocking can still get to you. So after a week, it's time to hit the local culture.

Vic's Place. Seemed nice enough, one of those neighborhood types bars, with few tourists and more locals. As we sat at the bar for dinner, I asked the bartender what was her favorite drink. She said, "Oh, easy, get the Mai Tai!" She pointed at a big picture behind the bar... two men, both wearing Hawaiian Shirts, and Holding up Drinks with fruit. "That's the owner, he's Vic. He used to work in California, with the original Trader Vic!"

For those of you who do not know, the Mai Tai may seem like a Polynesian Drink, but it was invented in Oakland, by the Original Trader Vic, Victor Bergeron. Anyway, dinner passed easily enough, with her once again, flirting and teasing me. We laughed a bit, and enjoyed the music from a little band playing in the corner. She even convinced me to get up and dance a few times. The last dance, she spent a lot of time grinding a bit, and even bumping into others on the floor. At the end of the song, I took her hand and started back to our place at the short bar.

"I'm not done!" She pulled her hand back and bounced into the middle of three guys and 4 women, dancing. At first, mildly amused, I started to feel uneasy. She kept slipping close to two of the guys, her hands reaching and touching. Always watching me, too, when she would touch one man or the other. In fact, her eyes rarely left mine. As if performing... for this audience of one.

What started as dancing quickly progressed to her, pushing the edge, more. Soon, she draped both arms behind her, around the man's neck. If he tried, he couldn't slip a piece of paper between her and himself. She laughed when she saw me, tilt my head to motion to her. The song ended, she spun and kissed the man, full on the mouth! The man's girlfriend lost it, and slapped him, dragging him from the room. At least now, I had an opening. I put my arm around her waist, and led her from the dance floor. She flopped to her stool, and sipped her last sip, nearly slamming the glass down, when done.

Honestly, I have no idea how we made it back to the boat that night. She was stopping every few minutes to either kiss me, or to kick my leg. I do not think I've seen someone so mad at me, or so clearly infatuated with me. She was trying be both in control and throw herself at me, at the same time. Luckily, I had only two of the many Mai Tai's that came our way.

Back aboard, she sat on my lap, a leg over each of my thighs, facing me. Her hips, constantly rocking forward and back, across my lap. Her hands on the back of my hair, fingers, intertwined, pulling me towards her. Lips, constantly seeking mine. She was rough, passionate, and on edge. Her arms, frantic, barely in check. Hands, never stopped. I sat back, it had been years since I had actually spent this much time, making out, like a teenager.

She stopped, mid kiss. I waited, finally... opening my eyes, to see her, slumping over. Passed out! Extracating myself from beneath this little overly rum-filled girl was no easy task. I managed to stand, and heard a slurred, "Wrrrya goin?" I couldn't stop, not now, or I wouldn't at all tonight. The ice water in the galley was my next move. While I finished a full glass and started another, I heard every unladylike swear, a true sailor, that one was! Drunk, Swearing, and Mad. Enough was enough!

Her eyes flew open wide, when she noticed she was in midair, her legs and arms wildly flailing. I had her about the waist, and pushed her into her shower, turned on the water ice cold, and held a hand against her chest for 10 minutes of screaming and thrashing, until she stopped protesting.Leaving her there was the hardest thing I've done. Her, mine for the taking.

About 8 hours later, I heard the padding of her bare feet, as she came wandering up to the pilot house, where I was standing at the ship's wheel. A sheepish, "I'm sorry." She had a blanket around her shoulders, and bare legs. I could see her sleep shirt on, underneath. I sat back in the chair, and held my arms out. "Are you ok?" She nodded at me. Another few moments of silence and finally, I asked, "What were you thinking?"

A short few moments of tears and then, she said, "I wanted you to kiss me, to take me, last night. I wanted you to ... I wanted.. I want you. I thought if I made you jealous, you would notice me more." Her voice, softer with each sentence.

"Are you serious? Did you think I do not notice you? All day, all night, I see you, and yes, I want you too. You are all I see and think about, daily, every minute of my life, now. Every. Minute." A smile rapidly forming on her face, "But no, not like that, last night. Not drunk, and not mad sex. No, not the first time." She looked down at her feet. When she looked up, I held my arms open and she rushed into my warmth.

We held onto each other. My head turned, and kissed her ear. Tiny kiss. I opened my mouth, and soft, warm wet lips met her neck. Soon, she was squirming, in my arms. My kisses traveled along her neck, sometimes nipping her chin, sometimes along her collarbone. My hands, under the blanket, roamed her back, and over her soft bottom. I pulled her over closer, my leg between hers. Again, her hips rocked against me, but this time, she was grinding on my thigh. Each kiss of mine, more intense, and her hips rocking more and more.

It wasn't long for my hand to slip underneath the shirt, and cup the round, soft curves of her behind. I helped guide her body, back and forth across my thighs, as she ground harder and harder onto me. She was close, closer still, until finally, I pushed my mouth to her ear and commanded, "Go ahead. Now!"

That was all it took, her release: short shock waves, coursing through her body. I held tight, kissing her neck, the entire time, my lower fingers, guiding her to slow, and enjoy. Her breathing slowed, her gasps turned to rasps and then finally, almost normal.

"Better?" She blushed, embarrassed, eyes pointed straight to the floor, for some reason. Her eyes slowly traveled up to meet mine. "Thank you, for last night. And then, ..." not able to say it, but nodding to me. This, she meant. She reached for a soft gentle kiss, and our mouths met.

She tasted faintly of those fruity drinks, with toothpicks of pineapple, in rum cocktails.

The Images are my own,
from a long ago night at the Original Trader Vic's,
home of The Mai Tai!

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