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Hello! Today I wanted to update anyone who cares on the project for @snook's Monster Challenge last week. You can read about it in my last post Making a Monster in this Day in Age.

I did not make the deadline for this project, but I did have the chance to promote her Give Away with the previous post and I will shamelessly promote her Challenge for this week also!

If you would like to participate in the #snookschallenge3 be sure to check out her post this week, Create Your Imaginary friend Challenge | Winners for Monster Challenge.

For this challenge you will be creating your own imaginary friend, and let's face it some of us never stopped talking to our imaginary childhood friends, so we might as well name them and give them a back story!!!

Although I did not make the deadline for completing my monster. I did learn quite a bit about the #blender program and had lots of fun designing a monster for the challenge.


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This is my first monster I had hoped to enter into the contest. I started out with plane mesh, made it into one single vertex. Added skin, mirror, and subdivision modifiers and then created a sphere.

Once I had the sphere all pretty I made it real small and lifted it from the ground. From then I could extrude the object to make the body.

I had a little too much fun extruding this guys body, and his spatula hands turned into some sort of bat wings. Then I just added more hands. Some how he has a hole through it now.

Once I got to learning about bones and how to move the object, I decided this monster was far to complicated, and I thought I would try to build something simpler.


Lizard man.jpg


I was still having trouble with this monster's feet , but I was impressed with his hands. I also liked the way his tail turned out. It was tricky, but I used the extrude to pull and pluck until he grew a tail.

I was still not understanding how to get the eyes to work, or coordinating the bones for movement, and by this time it was well into Saturday afternoon.

As much as I wanted to finish the monster and write a story for it, I didn't have it in me.

Later @snook said I should have turned the blender program into the monster that I had to slay to make a monster. I was like, why didn't I think of that!!!

That folks, is why it pays to have smart friends!!!

Below I will put in the video I used to help me make these monsters. As much as I liked Kev Binge, I had an updated version of blender and had to search for a newer tutorial. This one shows you a lot, and between the two, I have a good grasp on the basics of blender.

I think I might even be able to make a table for second life now!!! Yet another project...


Fast Character Modeling with the Skin Modifier || Blender 2.93


Until Next Time,

Happy Gaming!




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