I Draw A Fellow Hiver


Greetings! In my quest to improve my people-drawing skills, I have decided to make another portrait! This time I asked @contrabourdon if I could draw his likeness, and he heartily agreed!
I started it like any other portrait, with an oval and two perpendicular lines crossing at the center.


Next, I usually begin the eyes, nose, and eyebrows in that order. I also made the hairline and started the mouth.


Then I finished the outline of the hair, filled in the eyes, and added more detail to the mouth and such. This is the step where it starts to look funny. It's funny because by now it is already recognizable as a face but it is missing many small details like shadows, laugh lines, wrinkles (if any) which add a lot of character to the piece.


Finally, I add all the details mentioned above. It is finished. I am mostly satisfied with it.
That's being said, here it is @contrabourdon! I hope you like it. I had fun drawing you. You are only the second musician I have ever (finished) drawing.
Well, that's all I have to say about that. I will try to draw somebody else soon. The last person I drew was Stanton Friedman but that was just a quick sketch. I don't want to let too much time pass without practicing.
Have a nice day!

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