Branding for Ross Circuit Preschool | Albury, Australia

RCSP-socialmediaArtboard 1.jpg

A few images from a recent branding project I completed for my daughters' preschool.
The logo represents the child at the heart of the centre, surrounded by community (indigenous Aboriginal symbolism with the circle of dots), with natural surroundings representing the green spaces that they play in, with each bud representing a child — all different and growing and learning at different rates and ways.

RCSP-socialmediaArtboard 8.jpg

RCSP-socialmediaArtboard 9.jpg

RCSP-socialmediaArtboard 6.jpg

RCSP-socialmediaArtboard 2.jpg

RCSP-socialmediaArtboard 4.jpg

RCSP-socialmediaArtboard 3.jpg

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