Magic in the interior

There was a period in my life before I started drawing, I was creating mandalas. To create them, I used yarn, bamboo sticks.

These pieces of art attracted me with their beauty and sense of magic. I first saw them when we were traveling with a concert band. One of the dancers was fond of creating such beauty. And I fell in love. When I returned from our concert tour, I couldn't forget these magical items. And my mother and I went shopping to choose yarn. Then I wove a few pieces every day. I really liked to improvise and come up with combinations of interweaves.

Then I started to wonder where I should put them. And to be honest, it seems to me that this is not a universal decoration in every home. Unlike landscapes and harmonious abstractions. And I ran out of materials, and I needed money to make up for it... I think I'm a bad salesman)))

A year later, I agreed with the store to sell my work. For the first half of the year, I regularly visited this store and was interested in sales. But there were none. A couple of years later, I returned to this store and saw three of my works there . But the shop owner had already forgotten about me and used my work as an interior decoration. That's how I "presented" nine of my works.

These are my favorite works of the time.

MyCollages (2).jpg