Mystical Sovereigns

Community for Mystics and Sovereigns sharing their individual way to alchemise a self-sufficient life of empowered depth

The world we grew up in had us programmed to believe we are slaves. For millennia.
The mystics & alchemists across all ages and places have lived out a freedom that even today not many can enjoy.
We want to rediscover that freedom. We want to reclaim it.

In a world of voluntary slaves, selling their soul on today’s markets to the highest bidder, we want to sustain authentic adulthood by taking back our responsibilities over our human experience on earth.
Transcending beliefs, status quo, status, modern systems and other man-made constructs, we are inviting the Sovereign beings on this platform to reflect, share and exchange the new constructs we are each vowing today to live by.

What does sovereignty mean to you?
What responsibilities do you feel empowered and divinely gifted to devote yourself to?


- Only content that highlights how you are individually shaping your own self-sufficient and sovereign lifestyle. So we want to hear your methods, visions, actions, approach and attitude in how you are cultivating sovereignty and self-sufficiency in your social, financial, spiritual, physical, emotional, mental spheres of your own life.

- Try and submit your content to the more appropriate communities if it has nothing to do with sovereignty. Please no rants on the problems we face, we are seeking individual solutions and to be inspired by the actions you are taking to be the solution.

- Inappropriate content will be muted.

- Respect others and engage with the community, do not just parasite. Share a vision of sovereignty that is inclusive. Independence forged from a healthy respect of our interdependence.

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