Teachers Lounge

A community for teachers to sit back, relax and talk about their lives. Not meant for purely educational content.

The Teachers Lounge is a community for teachers around the world to sit back and relax. In here you can reflect, rant, vent or just reminisce about your day or life as a teacher. If you just need to get something off your chest this is the place. Anything goes as long as it's related to your life as a teacher.

Imagine it's just like a teacher lounge!

This is however not a place to post educational content, academics or theories. For that we recommend the [Education](https://peakd.com/c/hive-122108/created) community. What is meant by this is that we don't want posts like "How to teach math effectively." or "Why education is important.". If you however tried out a new method that worked well then we would love to hear about it! We want to hear about your life and your experiences!


- Cite all sources not belonging to you.

- No plagiarism.

- No NSFW content.

- Make sure no one can be identified from your post. Especially students. If you feel like someone might read your post and think to themselves "that's me" then don't post.

- Be nice.

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