Functional Fountain Craft Project

Distilled Fountain

I headed out yesterday to find a water pump which I was going to use for my hydroponic stack. Instead, I ended up getting a fountain that could easily be modified to care for the needs help my growing carnivorous plants.

They don't use dirt, they use moss. They don't need minerals or fertilizer because they eat bugs. They must have distilled water only.


Two modifications were needed.

I took dried moss and glued it to edges of the imitation rock layers - to the sides of where the water would be falling. This moss would act as a wall to keep loose moss from flowing over the edges.

Second, I drilled a small hole in the imitation bamboo chute so that the water would dribble out and reach the very top layer.

Then I just started to take some of the smaller carnivorous plants and rooting them around the rock layers to each side of the water flow.


The fountain is filled with distilled water.

Normally these plants absorb water from the tray underneath their pot, but the water sometimes gets stagnant which is unhealthy for the plant. the fountain keeps the water moving so that it cannot get stagnant.

Water, light, and fresh air flow are all set on a timer which is just enough to keep the moss moist.

Believe it or not, there are already nine plants placed in there new habitat. Let's see how they do!


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