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It should be very clear by now to those not intending to deny reality that ridicule and name calling of dissenting voices is a mainstay of the mainstream media and governments when they cannot really justify the action they intend to take. COVID19 responses have involved a long string of such low intelligence attempts to obscure fear's own obfuscation of the truth.

It is said that the term 'conspiracy theorist' was specifically identified by CIA 'thinkers' in the 1960s as a term to be deliberately used to discredit anyone asking difficult questions that might expose CIA operations. Psychological Warfare (Psy-ops) have long been carried out against the US population by US agencies and many other nations too.

The aims of these destructive and heartless programs are never of any value to the mass population, indeed - they are their victims. These programs serve the goals of those who run them and their partners in the military industrial pharma technocracy complex!

Those following the playbook of the technocrats and their ilk from the predator class can fairly easily predict their next moves months or years in advance. The general intention is to limit free will as much as possible and this requires people to CONSENT to limiting their own freedom. Obviously, this is not something most want to do - so their objections to becoming enslaved need to be cleverly overcome.

The main technique used is to terrify people into ever more compressed realities by convincing them that freedom is just too risky.

In the case of vaccine passports, despite the vaccines being of limited efficacy and the virus being spread by the vaccinated at high rates - we are told that in many places we must have documented proof of vaccination. This was easily predicted way in advance and indeed it was predicted by many people even in early 2020.

Equally easy to predict were the quick responses to people talking of future vaccine passports that claimed these to be merely the ramblings of a paranoid conspiracy theorist.. Someone who has lost touch with reality and for some reason has nothing better to do than grasp at straws, joining dots that should never be joined.

In reality of course, only a few months later - in 2021, we have actual vaccine passports in numerous regions, with more to come, no doubt. Plenty of countries are attempting to divide their populations into those who can carry out their normal daily functions and those who cannot.. Not based on who is sick, but based on who has been injected with genetic technology with no long term safety data and thousands confirmed already to have died from the vaccines themselves!

Of course, once again, the psychological operations teams are ready to promote the idea that if you question or challenge vaccine passports you are - once again - a paranoid conspiracy theorist, keen to jump on the idea that such monitoring and control of people is a problem in some way.. When really it's just a caring approach to healing the world.

What could possibly go wrong with forcing people to produce documentation and have medical procedures in order to simply exercise or even to buy food? Are these really rational requirements for participation in a modern society? Is it right that faceless bureaucrats can dictate to you whether you can eat or move?

Some of the issues here are complicated but I am sure that you can see how the hypocrisy involved in the constantly shifting goal posts of who exactly is a conspiracy theorist and why are a major red flag.

At the very least, I am sure you can appreciate that the following is true:

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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