Pfizer + J&J Scientists Exposed: "Companies Are Evil", "Natural Immunity is Superior To the Shots", "Policy To Inject Children is Wrong And Driven By Money"

Undercover reporters have recorded scientists at both Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson admitting to greed and corruption within their organisations that is driving the vaccine rollouts. They specifically agree with the large Israeli study which shows that natural immunity is superior to that conveyed by the experimental COVID shots and state that science is being denied in favour of profit.

For those who are aware of the criminal nature of most of the largest pharmaceutical corporations, the continuing leaks and testimonies from within these organisations are no surprise. More than one of the companies manufacturing the experimental COVID19 shots are in the list of the top 20 most fined entities on the planet, generally having received multi billion dollar fines for lying about scientific research in order to push products. In an honest and caring society these organisations would be disbanded or at the very least people would be aware of the situation and likely not use their products.

Unfortunately, our society is heavily corrupted and mostly unconscious, which has left the door open for all kinds of vampiric activity funded by taxpayers and heavily promoted by corrupt people. The amount of money is so large that huge numbers of people can be bribed to perpetuate criminal activity to the point where most people will just think "Oh, well so many people agree on this viewpoint it must be true" - whereas in truth they are caught up in a psychological operation aka 'mind control'.

In the following 2 videos released by Project Veritas, we see scientists from Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson clearly uneasy about the corruption and greed in their organisations. They state that they are in a culture of fear where they are frightened of saying anything negative about the company - even being paranoid of being recorded at work.

They clearly agree that:

  • Natural immunity from exposure to COVID19 is superior to anything offered by the experimental vaccines.
  • Children and babies should not be injected and the pressure to do so is being driven by greed, not science.
  • Effectively, the world is being exploited and extorted by these companies.
  • Despite knowing that their company is acting unethically and effectively in evil ways, they continue to take the money - this is why they are not whistleblowers and are having to be caught out on undercover footage.
  • The shots are connected to cancer and they are trying to suppress the information.

The huge list of scientists and researchers that have been highlighting these issues for months, despite being heavily censored by denial based organisations such as silicon valley companies are hugely validated here.

Please read and share the very long list of links of articles I have written on the topic of death and injury caused by the experimental shots.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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