Petition To Challenge Bill Gates' "ID2020" Program Removed From - A Company Bill Gates Invested $30M Into.

In recent days, as millions of people face financial ruin, physical hardship and even death in relation to the COVID19 scenario that plays out - one name has, somewhat surprisingly, surfaced over and over again - Bill Gates. Just as quickly, a choir of voices from many backgrounds, including independent researchers, lawyers and medical doctors have pointed in the same direction - something isn't right with the data and agenda coming out from governments and their advisers. Bill Gates has been projected as some kind of vaccine messiah - however, he is a major shareholder in pharmaceutical companies that make vaccines - so is he pushing a multi billion or even trillion 'vaccine' on everyone globally for 'our own good' or for another reason?

gates burns

Interestingly, I was pointed earlier today to a petition on that was aiming to gain support for stopping Bill Gates's ID2020 program:

Bill Gates ID2020 Petition Deleted

ID2020 is essentially a global database of all humans - being pimped by Gates as the answer to all our problems... Yes, it does sound a lot like 'the mark of the beast' from Biblical prophecy, but no need to concern yourself with that because we have a huge pandemic to be fearful of instead. Perhaps the issue here is as much the 'market of the beast', since it appears that soon after the petition was set up on, it was removed: deleted petition

Curious as to what might be behind the removal of the petition, it was not long before the following Techcrunch article was suggested as possibly explaining the situation:

Bill Gates Heavily invests in

source: TechCrunch

Yes, that's right, Bill Gates himself invested 30 million dollars into! Could it possibly be that the operators of are heavily biased towards their new 'investor' buddy? Surely, they are all about creating the change that the people need? Don't the people themselves have a voice in that process? Maybe not!

Of course, there's always the possibility that someone deleted the petition for their own reasons. Maybe the readers here can create their own to find out! I would do it myself but I am working at full speed, constantly, here to put together the mounting evidence that needs to be exposed regarding our current epic level loss of freedom.

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