8 Things To Contemplate While You're Masked Up In Public - COVID19 Rant


  1. I don't wear a facemask because...It's the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that can end up in your mouth and down into your lungs (hello upper respiratory infection anyone!?)

  2. I don't wear gloves because... I have enough brains to realize I'd have to change gloves everytime I touched something else, otherwise it's just cross contamination with the same gloves...

  3. I do social distancing because...I respect others personal space, but not because I'm afraid of my fellow Americans or neighbors. In fact, I'll happily hug someone right now in public if it was a mutual feeling. Hugging also releases endorphins which uplifts mood and relieves stress...there's a bunch of stress going on right now.

  4. I don't get the flu vaccine because...(in regards to coronavirus) I don't want to increase my chances of getting an upper respiratory illness including 4 strains of coronavirus by 36%.

  5. I won't get tested even if I show symptoms because...I already know they will label it Covid19 without an actual test and I'll be added to the jaded numbers increasing panic over something I may or may not truly have...plus they'll just tell me to go home and walk it off...but rest assured I have brains enough to stay home and away from people when sick or have symptoms of being sick.

  6. I wash my hands with soap and water because...well, that's just common sense.

  7. I WILL NOT GET THE VACCINE! The gov has never mandated a vaccine and I'll be damned if they make me put something in my body, that was created in less than 2 weeks of this "outbreak". I'm not a sheep and will not be manipulated by the gov into thinking they have our best interest.

  8. I will not live in fear, for I know that God is in control. If you want to stay in your house and never go out because you are "doing the right thing" that's fine, that's you. But I'm not going to let the media scare me into thinking this is mass panic. That's what they want, to shut this country down and they’re doing it right in front of your face. I will continue to go out and support locals as much as possible. Life by faith not fear.

Start researching...you have all the time in the world. Turn off the news and start researching from sources that have NO financial gain or conflict of interest...you will learn quite a bit, and you will realize you've been lied to and manipulated.

Will you be a free thinker? Can you accept a common sense approach to your safety while living through this media driven plague on humanity?


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