Don't Let Fear Define Your Existence in a Pandemic


As counterintuitive as it sounds, we need more confidence and freedom in a pandemic than we do in normal life. Normal life seems so far away, but it is darkest before the dawn.

We need to stand together and stand up to the tyranny of those who would take our liberty. We need community and we need to speak calmly about all these things.

Violence will not help anyone. We need to use what the founding fathers used to overcome our reality- freedom and community. We need to communicate, ask our neighbor how they are doing and how we can help. Services like Hive are key to our sanity and survival in this new world. The media is content to make money reporting each and every single frightening story about the pandemic. The media makes money off clicks we put on sensational stories that we don't need, and those in power will use this to expand their sphere of influence. Stay level headed and awake.

On this Sunday, before we enter another week of madness, keep in mind that we are in this together and that we need to be wise, speak truth and focus on our communities. Don't let fear define you, turn off the TV and keep on moving.

The best!

Image from Pixabay.

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