How to find Covid19 Vaccine (slots) in India


The Indian government has mandated the use of mobile numbers, a platform accessible over web and 2 mobile apps to register for the chance to get vaccinated.

One challenge though is it not easy to find the slot as the availability is limited and its not keep checking the portal every now and then.

There are numerous tech solutions built made on top the API published by Cowin.


As one can see, There are quite a few solutions available in Github.

The top solution is the following based on Python, Jupyter & Streamlit

On a macOS or on Linux this can be installed and used as follows:

Install Anaconda from

After installation, ideally from the CLI mode, opening the bash (or shell) will give you Anaconda. The repository also has enough information.

pip3 install streamlit # this will get streamlit installed

streamlit run # from the code repo will start the app and open up a browser tab/window

I need vaccine but What if I don't have a mobile phone or access to internet ?

Not sure.

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