How to Escape a Cult that's Taken Over The World. Pt.1

When people say the New World Order is here to "enslave", this is what they mean.
Have you ever had to work in a company before where you always had to be happy and if you weren't you had to pretend to be or you would lose all chance of ever progressing or potentially even lose your job for providing critical feedback?

You might have heard before that working at Facebook has been compared to being in a cult. This is mainly due to their peer review system that "pressures employees to forge friendships with colleagues at every possible opportunity". This means there is no authenticity with relationships, no trust and no room for criticism that could leave you with a bad peer review.

We know where this concept of "peer review" comes from don't we? "Peer review has been a formal part of scientific communication since the first scientific journals appeared more than 300 years ago." We'll come back to that later. But for now, let's just consider how much we all want to work for a company like Facebook?

Does it not sound like a dream come true to no longer seek happiness, being surrounded by people who constantly appear to be happy and never have a complaint even when there is something to complain about? This is what it must be like to live in China's Social Credit System.

There are a number of similarities with what's been going on around the world and how Chinese people are now "happily" living.

  1. Information control. For most people in China access to the internet is illegal. They have an internal intranet that provides control of what information citizens have access to. Meanwhile, fact checking websites are being funded by pharmaceuticals, social media algorithms are censoring everyone who's critical of the mainstream narrative and there is only one narrative being reported in the mainstream media which bears far too much resemblance to the kind of censorship experienced in Soviet Russia and the Second World War. While we have not yet had our internet disconnected in the first world, there are warnings of "cyber attacks" coming from the same organisations who warned us and hosted a simulation for the pandemic just a few months before it happened.
  2. Thought Control. Just like in China, with covid the doctrine has to be accepted as truth or you face ostracisation. In China, if you are blacklisted, you will not be allowed on public transport and the price of certain things you buy will be much higher. In Ireland right now, it is illegal for a restaurant to serve food to unvaccinated people dining indoors and for anybody to host a gathering in their home with people who are not vaccinated.
  3. Dishonesty. In a system that rewards happiness, it becomes expensive to be honest about any dissatisfaction or anything controversial. Meanwhile in the rest of the world, we have gotten used to being lied to by our authorities, and for many people, it is a coping mechanism to act as though you're still happy even if you aren't.
  4. Behaviour control. The social credit system incentivises certain behaviours and disincentives others. Those who are under control love the idea that everyone around them are under control. Meanwhile since the start of the covid panic attack, people have been isolating themselves whenever they're told, standing 2 metres away from others and wearing masks to signify compliance.
  5. The blame is on whoever suffers. In China if you can't survive or live a happy life because of your low score, it is simply your fault. Similarly in Ireland, people have adopted the mentality that anybody who has been fined for going outside of their 5 km radius or practicing their constitutional rights are to blame. Nobody else.

What you might notice about the five similarities listed above is that they are all characteristics of a cult. Other characteristics include isolating people away from their friends and families, demoralising people by having them commit evil such as leaving sick people to die alone and the promise of a saviour from a problem often fabricated by the cult.

It is only hard to believe that a cult could have taken over the world until you realise that the subjective peer review system is a mechanism to turn any business, organisation or industry into a cult. While not every scientist or doctor is lieing or fooling themselves into believing a lie, the ones who are leading this, made their way to the top by playing this game. Those who won't play the game are not given the "privilege" to speak on the mainstream media.

For those playing the game, to even acknowledge that the industries entire creed is skewed by the nature of a cult would be to either accept you're playing into that game or to accept that you will never succeed in it. Which pill would you swallow if you invested so much in a career in science?


At this point in time, I'm of the belief that those who are still sleep walking through the covid cult that has taken over our world, are going to be the same people who go along with this Social Credit System and play the game when it is introduced. Once the game is started and mandated, it is game over. To win the game, you have to play, and to play the game is to lose.

Here's the part where I'm supposed to provide a solution. The cult leaders provide what sound like solutions, but are really just comfort blankets to help people trick themselves into believing they can have an impact by doing simple tasks that make them "a good citizen". The real solutions are not so simple and so they don't compete with the false hope people get from the lies.

How do we stop the game from starting? How will we survive if we simply refuse to play in it? I'd like to know before I go on, what you think the solution is. Mine is a long road solution and there are no guarantees that it would compete with the Social Credit System that's going to be indoctrinating all our public services and much of our private sector as the covid cult already has.

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