Experts worry new Covid variant will "escape" vaccine effectiveness

Scientists fear the E484K mutation of SarsCov2, which is spreading rapidly to become one of the more dominant, may render current vaccine technology ineffective, putting the planet back at square one in fighting the plandemic. This comes just as countries around the world announce vaccination rollout is going slowly, and troubling neurological side-effects become prevalent. The admission may signal an impending change in the official narrative.

CNN reports virology experts are concerned the variant (or "mutant") bug might not respond as well to the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines which are being rushed out. They say it's not likely the vaccines will be rendered ineffective right away, but they're very worried the mutation is a sign the virus has begun down that path.

The article says within a few weeks, we will know more about how the vaccines and new variants interact.


This announcement isn't unexpected for many of us. It seems to come at just the right time to provide an excuse for why the vaccines, which have been pushed relentlessly by government and mainstream media, aren't having the anticipated effect on cases. The rollout has already been seen as botched, with various countries deciding to go against the maker's instructions, and either delay the second dose, or half the dosage given, in order to inject more people as quickly as possible. Concerns over escape variants will justify further lockdowns and restrictions as winter drags on. "We had things figured out until that pesky mutation came along!"

From what I've read (by experts NOT paid off by the government or mainstream media), viruses mutate (or generate "variants") all the time, and SarCov2 is actually one of the slower to do so. These variants are to be expected. Furthermore, we don't yet know how these variants differ (when it comes to interaction with humans) from the more well-known one, or if they really differ at all. They SOUND frightening, but the reality isn't quite what the media makes it seem.

The level of fear generated by the virus has been dropping in recent months, and predictable talk of "mutations" has come along to keep the people afraid and compliant. It will also provide an excuse for the failure of the vaccine narrative.

Heavy censorship of criticism, skepticism, and discussion

I was just banned by YouTube for spreading "vaccine disinformation", which according to CNN, is even more deadly than the virus. My offending video They're Putting Vaccines in the Microchips was deleted, even though the info it contains comes exclusively from the BBC's official announcement.

So real information is being deleted, and people who share it are deemed to be dangerous killers, and silenced. Peddlers of lies and propaganda - the mainstream media - continue to manipulate the ignorant populace toward full-on technocratic medical slavery.

Please help by supporting independent media, sharing ideas you find worthwhile, and ignoring known sources of disinformation like state media outlets.

For real information and analysis on the vaccines, check out:

All my posts on the topic contain links to the information sources, I do not censor comments, and I'm willing to discuss or debate what I've said. That's more than I can say for my opponents in the mainstream state media, who generally DON'T source their info, DO censor commentary, and STIFLE all criticism of the official narrative. Then they have the nerve to throw "the science is settled" in our faces. That's the thing about real science - it can never be settled, and it always welcomes debate.


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