Study of Several California Hospitals Reveals that Child Hospitalization Rates for Coronavirus are Probably Overblown


Two researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, conducted a literature review on some California hospitals to examine whether children listed as Corona-positive on their hospitalization form had actually been admitted chiefly due to Coronavirus symptoms. Dr. Monica Gandhi, an infectious-diseases specialist, and Amy Beck, an associate professor of pediatrics, put together their findings in a report titled,

Adjudicating Reasons for Hospitalization Shows That Severe Illness From COVID-19 in Children Is Rare.

Available here:

In their review, they noted that in one children's hospital with 117 positive hospitalizations, 45 percent of the children admitted were “unlikely” to have been there for disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 because the other diagnoses were more pertinent and there was a lack of Sars-2 symptoms correlation.

In another large children's hospital in Northern California, 40 percent were found to be incidental, that is, while having a positive test, they were admitted to the hospital for reasons other than Coronavirus. In that same hospital, another 40 percent on top were only potentially symptomatic- not certain.

The findings here indicate something that we have been noting for a while now- that there is a wide difference between testing positive and having symptoms, and a wide difference between what the government is reporting versus the actuality of public health.

More of these retrospective studies should be performed to see how many hospitalized corona-positive patients were actually symptomatic.

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