Social Distancing, Shopping Mazes & Hand-Washing Indoctrination: Welcome to the ‘New Normal’


‘Social distancing’, isolation, extreme shortages of food and toiletry essentials across the country, the government splitting of American workers into classes of ‘essential’ and ‘non-essential’ workers, public shaming of those who don’t voluntarily follow all such radical new societal ‘norms’, threats of exorbitant fines and even jail time for anyone who doesn’t go along with government recommended quarantines, and so much more insanity nobody would have dreamed possible just a month ago has become the ‘new norm’; and if the powers who shouldn’t be get their way, all this and much more is here to stay.

For all those who hadn’t heard yet, all of this coronavirus nonsense and insanity is ‘the new norm’, and things may never go back to normal they say, or at least that is what the politicians and media are programming the masses to believe, and thus accept.

On Tuesday night at the beginning of the White House ‘coronavirus taskforce’ press briefing, President Donald Trump made an interesting comment about how he thought it would be a good thing if these measures being pushed in response to the coronavirus ‘pandemic’, such as social distancing and people washing their hands all the time, stuck around after the coronavirus runs its course, as it would be beneficial in fighting influenza. New York Governer Andrew Cuomo has repeatedly stated that he thinks all the police state measures should stay, even once coronavirus is gone. And of course the MSM has done their part in pushing this predictive programming.

For an interesting overview of this propaganda campaign, I would recommend checking out James Corbett’s video on the subject from last week.

Apparently these new measures now also include long mazes at the entrances of large shopping centers, which customers must pass through in order to enter the store and begin shopping. When I went into town (Silver City, NM) on Thursday to grab a few groceries, I decided to stop at Walmart to use the restroom as all the public restrooms including several gas station restrooms have been shut down.

I was intrigued by the makeshift maze set up in front of the Walmart exit, constructed out of upturned shopping carts and yellow tape - the kind used to section off construction zones or crime scenes. I wasn’t sure what it was, but there were several employees stationed in front of the entryway, one whose job it was to redirect all customers attempting to enter through the entryway into the maze, which wound its way to the exit, and another stationed at the maze entrance. Now you must enter through the exit, and exit through the entrance, but only the new entrance has a maze, the exit is completely normal besides being located in the entryway.


I was surprised to find out that this was not an isolated situation, but was apparently also taking place across the country, with similar mazes also being set up at Costcos’, as demonstrated by Truth Stream Media in a video they just put together, showcasing the very same situation at during their own local grocery shopping experience at a Costco. The video also covers the ‘wash your hands’ propaganda campaign currently taking place as a part of this Coronavirus Psyop.

Not watching the news much at all, I hadn’t yet been made aware that everyone everywhere is now telling everybody that they need to wash their hands, all the time, and explaining exactly how to do it just right, like we’re all uneducated little kids again, who somehow forgot all about proper hygiene because of the Coronavirus panic. But then just a matter of minutes after watching the video, as I was getting out of my car at Albertsons, a guy in a truck yelled from his open window as he drove by, “don’t forget to wash your hands!” I’m not sure if he was making fun of the media campaign, as it appeared due to the smile on his face, or if he was seriously regurgitating what he had heard on the ‘TV’ out of a serious concern over the spread of the virus, but either way it confirmed that this issue had, along with so much else, been pounded into the human consciousness as a part of the ongoing Cornona Psyop madness.

I also noticed that most people are now wearing masks, and employees at all the shopping centers are constantly busy disinfecting all their carts in between uses. Of course they are using toxic disinfectants, which are conveniently selling like crazy during these crazy times. Another strange phenomenon I noticed is that many of the stores have now put up plastic barriers in front of the cashier stands, as if a sheet of plastic is going to somehow stop the spread of germs through the air. It is also amazing how quickly all the stores have filled up with ‘social distancing’ signs and stickers everywhere, reminding you to follow the practice of keeping 6 feet or 2 shopping carts away from others.


None of these measures being pushed down our throats nonstop seems to make any logical sense, when one actually takes a step back and examines them. For example, how exactly does staying 6 feet away from others do anything to stop the spread of germs in the air. Are we now expected to believe that once 6 feet apart from another human, we are now in our own protected bubble of airspace? And how exactly does walking through a maze to get into a shopping center have anything to do with protection from the spread of a virus? And weren’t all of these health ‘experts’ pushing the wash-your-hands-all-day-long narrative ever made aware of the fact that studies actually show that over-washing of one’s hands actually diminished ones immune system?

And why are all of the politicians pushing this social distancing nonsense not willing to respect their own guidelines, always standing shoulder-to-shoulder as they threaten us peasants with fines for our disobedience? And how exactly do fines stop a virus? Why don’t the police have to stay home like the rest of us? Why do all the big corporate chains like Walmart and Costco get stay open, while mom and pop restaurants and other small businesses are being forced to close?

It rather seems as if all of this nonsense is simply part of a massive indoctrination campaign, little more than an experiment in human programming, having absolutely nothing to do with actual health or safety of the people. If it did, why is everyone and their mother in the establishment pushing the idea that all of this is here to stay, even after the ‘threat’ of the virus is gone?

But maybe such speculation just turns me into one of those crazy conspiracy nuts who deserves to be rounded up with all those obstinate neighbor-hating extremists refusing to self-quarantine themselves, and then be thrown into jail. I’m sure that in jails and prisons, everyone respects the social distancing guidelines...

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