CoronaVirus Outbreak, can this man-made virus be stopped?

As many countries try to evacuate their citizens from Wuhan, many are wondering if this Lab created viral monster can be stopped.
With a 2 week incubation period ( 14 days ), people who are infected by the CoronaVirus will not realize they are sick as, many will not show any symptoms until after the incubation period. It is logical to think that this silent lab engineered virus has already spread around the world.

With not way to stop it's spread, the only thing China can do is to quarantine millions of their own citizens within cities. As the number of infected grows beyong the 90,000 and with medical supplies running out, there is mass chaos at hospital where relatives are screaming for help as more infected people drop dead on the spot.

Many are blaming the Chinese citizen in Wuhan for causing the Pandemic but if you took a closer look, you will realize that the eating of wild animals is illegal in China and there are a few creepy people who illegaly purchase weird stuff to eat. Blaming the virus cross mutation on someone eat BATS is reduculous as many now realize that it was Canada who transported dangerous viruses over to Wuhan's lab that released this deadly and contagious virus upon it's own citizens as an experiment.

As the FED and the Central Banks getting ready to release their engineered Financial Collpas of the Banks and a Dollar Reset which will see the paper fiat dollar's value decline, many smart investor are running to purchase physical gold and silver ( as the paper gold and silver contracts will probably be redeemed for only worthless paper later where the PHYSICAL precious metal will yield the real steady value ), and Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Digibyte. Each time the pedophiles who control Killary, Obummer, George Soros and Bill Gates want the economies to crash and burn, rigging the stocks to dump, they will create mass chaos globally with a War or a staged terror event like 9/11 run by CIA trained terrorist to coverup the huge financial collapse which leads to world recession and depression, causing Food Shortage, Dollar devaluation, Starvation and Homelessness.

Beware that those who funded both sides of the wars in the past are the same people who control all your doctors, hospitals, drug companies, the democrats and the lying mainstream media. They have always benefited from selling deadly prescription drugs and firearms to both sides, this time around it looks like a war could not be manufactured by the mainstream media beating the war drums so huge profits can now be made of the backs of dead victims of the manufactured CoronaVirus in a Lab in Wuhan and released in the Seafood Market there.

This big hysteria of fear is created by evergrowing death toll in every country, leading citizens to demand treatment. Though, China is using their HIV meds to treat patients, this drummed up fear by this CoronaVirus scare, will see the mainstream media read scripted reports to promote....wait for it...TOXIC and DANGEROUS Cancer Causing Vaccines for this virus. We know it may take months and even years to make a vaccine that can be safely tested and then approved to be injected into your children but guess what? This CoronaVirus just appeared back in December sometime, I believe but the CoronaVirus vaccine is already on it's way to being approved at the CDC.

The name of the game is Profits. Since Bill Gates and the U.S. military has many patents for viruses, it's my guess that each time they planned to release a toxic vaccine, they will first release a virus out there. Remember HIV, Ebola, Polio and the Measles. Some of these contagious disease were release by the way of childhood vaccines that sees the vaccinated patient develop symptoms of the disease begin shedding viruses left and right for up to 6 weeks, infecting all their classmates and people around them then the blame is placed on healthy unvaccinated kids while each vaccinated child goes on to develop Autoimmune Disease, Cancers like Leukemina and then life threatening food allergies.

Each time the trained doctor is taught to tell parents the the vaccine side effects that has injured their child is NOT LINKED to the vaccines, that way, more disease can be give to your baby and your child without suspicion and the train wreck of continuous profit making prescription drugs can be sold from baby stage all the way up to old age, never knowing that it was the vaccine injected Monkey Cancer cells (SV40 and Nagalase Enzymes) plus the very very toxic Mercury and Aluminum that is still added to vaccines though doctors are told they are not to give all the false sense of security.


The false Global Warning then re-titled Climate Change as the 'warning' no longer fit the narrative as we head toward a mini ice age with will see many crop failures is a lie to control all that your do. No this so called Climate Change is not caused by humans and their activities as our lying mainstream media report but a natural weather cycle that happens every few hundred years. You see little Greta is a puppet as Al Gore in drumming the fear into world citizens so we will hand over our hard earned money in the false cause that will end up directly we will can grow, and eat and do, according to their lies.


Just as the vaccine puppet Ethan Linderberger who says that vaccines are safe and helping the drug manufacturers promote deadly vaccines. I have yet seen him get injected with any of these toxic vaccines as he stated that he will get all the vaccines that is required. NOPE, not one post shows him being poisoned by these weapons of mass destruction.

Parent must know that you need to record your child's behaviour, personality and speech before you give permission for their to get vaccinated. Some of the vaccine side effects can appear right away while they are in the fainting and dizziness and other may appear within hours, weeks and even months after being vaccinated. The CDC and their allies do not allow you too much time to report these vaccine injuries to the Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System ( VAERS ) so you must report as soon as you can while dealing with your damaged child. The criminal doctors will continue to deny any link but just go and report to VAERS with your records, video and photos to get compensation in Vaccine Court where millions have already been paid out to vaccine injured kids.


I have read that some Vaccine Injury Symptoms can be reversed or dulled down with CBD Oil, avoiding foods with gluten, taking probiotics and and finally detoxing the child from the toxic aluminum and mercury that enter the brain and hooks onto the muscles after each vaccine. Each added vaccine dose bring your child closer to brain damage leading to Autism, OCD, ADD, ADHD, Learning Disablilies, PTSD ( Gulf War Syndrome ), childhood dementia, Seizures and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome ( SIDS ).


On a lighter note, those who have bodies that are faster at detoxing toxic heavy metals out of the body, will take long to develop the symptoms of vaccine injury.

Doctors are suppose to report these vaccine injuries except they were that that vaccines are safe, no ifs or buts so now it's up to the educated parents who watched their child regress into Autism, stand up for their child and report their Vaccine Injury.

Many pro-vaccine parents are not taught what to look for in a vaccine injured child so here are some of the disease created by Vaccines:

Seizures, Lupus, Microcephaly, Autism, ADD, ADHD, Multiple Sclerosis ( MS ), ALS, Parkinson's, Paralysis, Neuropathy, Encephalitis, SIDS, Crohns, Colitis, IBS, Learning Disabilities, Eczems, Bells Palsy, Type 1 Diabetes, Schizophrenia, Anorexia, Bulimia, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Arthritis, Figromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, Strokes, Heart Attacks, Asperger syndrome (AS), OCD that leads to people hording, Cancers, other Autoimmune Diseases and of course Life Threatening Food Allergies ... peanut allergies that leads to the throat closing up and suffocating the patient.

Guess what the millions of dollars that are used to compensate vaccine injured kids does not come out of the pockets of the money making Drug and Vaccine companies as they have be deemed NOT LIABLE for any vaccine injuries, the compensation comes out of the pocket of the tax payers. So citizens are paying for vaccine injured caused by the vaccine companies but these company can make money off of our sickness that they created, huh?

Research who really is behind the funding for the release of these deadly viruses into the unknowing populations around the world.

Blaming the innocent for this man-made deadly virus is just wrong, do your research and see who benefits from this CoronaVirus Outbreak and which vaccine stocks are rising, you will soon realize WHO DONE IT.

I advise those who have only research the mainstream side of the safety of vaccines to speak to parents of vaccine injured kids to see how they realized that it was the vaccine that injured or killed their child. Also watch the videos in the links below that show how the World Health Organization who is funded by the United Nations to promote deadly vaccines, confirm that Vaccines are killing kids but yet they are still promoting it.


We have seen a ship load of Marines that were 100% vaccinated develop the Mumps on the military ship right afte their MMR shots and a school filled with kids that were all 100% vaccinated develop the Measles. With not unvaccinated healthy kids around, who do your think gave their those vaccine strain of the diseases. Even the Polio Outreak if you did your research reports that the citizens developed the VACCINE STRAIN of POLIO not the wild strain.

Have fun watching these video below, keep an open mind and you will see who is behind all the chaos going on century after century.

Beware of the Democrats fight against Trump, they are the ones who want to take away your guns and firearms so that you will not have any protection again the crooked doctors and politician that will soon be mandating these poisonous vaccine for all ADULTS afte they take down your seniors, medical workers, babies, children, and homeless. Like in many poorer countries that are not educated about cancer causing vaccines, they are forced to get injection at gun point by these medical mafias.

Without your firearms you will also not be able to defend your women and children again the rapist, and murderers that arrive through your borders undocumented, transported by those who control George Soros, Killary, Bill Gates, Obummer, Central Banks, the FED, IMF and BIS. As the plan by the masters of the pedophile masters of the Vatician and the Queen of England and her family is to establish a world government known as the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT/NEW WORLD ORDER through world chaos and to reach this goal of one Earth under one giant government, the pedophiles in control need to also have ONE RELIGION in control in every area, they chose the pedophile dominated Muslim's ISLAM. With the Democrats sneaking more and more infected undocumented illegals into the United States and Justin Trudeau allowing all undocuments into Canada, we are in big trouble.

The west needs to keep hold of their guns and firearms to protect us against CIA trained terrorist, violent Islamic Muslims and their in white coats who want to force poisonous vaccines upon us.

By the way that Staged Shoot Out by the so called white supremicist in New Zealand was a setup so that they will blame all white men for the crime created by that one paid actor. To have citizens fight among yourself will give the pedophile elite time cull and purge populations around the earth.

If you love vaccine, please watch the video below to see the other side of the vaccine safety issue coveredup by the lying mainstream media, doctors and hospitals so that more profits can be made from your vaccine created illnesses.

All that is written in this post is only my own opinion and NOT financial advice.














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