Israel has flatened the nCOV19 curve WAY TOO MUCH!

The whole point of nCOV restrictions and lockdowns is the "flatten the curve" of infections to prevent the possibility of your health care system being overwhelmed.

It does NOT reduce the overall number of infections but spreads them out over time.


These are Israel's latest figures with number of people in serious condition and on ventilators very flat, with number of new serious case trending downwards.

It all looks good until you realise that Israel has over 4000 ventilators and is thus using only a tiny percentage of its health system's capacity.

Israel has one of the lowest case mortality rates in the world (0.9%) yet one of the harshest lockdowns.

Clearly Bibi has seriously overreacted and caused all sorts of economic and social damage while completely missing the point of flattening the curve.

If you lock things down so much that your health care capacity is seriously under utilized then you just prolong the time that the society has to deal with restrictions and delay herd immunity.

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