It is not wise to stop everything for indefinite time as starvation can kill more people than the corona virus.

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Corona pandemic has killed almost 100 thousand people all over the world. The number is growing and we are still to find a reliable cure. It may take several months before the vaccine may be produce for mass service. Till then we have no choice but to wait. But, this waiting is slowly killing us as well. Corona can kill thousands but,starvation, depression, lack of positivism, poor nutrition etc. can kill many more people who could have been saved.

Governments all over the world have imposed curfew, lock-down or at least restricted free movement of people and goods. Many people have lost their jobs as employers are not in the position to pay them without work. Daily laborer and the people who are homeless, are suffering the most. Purchasing power of people are decreasing. It will lead to economic slowdown. We have a very bad example of 1930s in which the global economy collapsed. Many became jobless, many lost their wealth and later hunger, unemployment, frustration forced people to commit suicide because of it. This condition can be repeated if lock down remains in force for a longer period.

So, it has become important for the governments to find the solution. It may not be wise to continue lock down for longer period. Discontinue of businesses will result in loss of revenue for governments. So, ultimately, it will render governments helpless. All the rescue work will be suffered because of it. Also, governments will not be able to feed people for months without resources. So, apparently it will harm us in a long run. So, governments should allow people to do some business with some restrictions. People should be allow to work, they must not be punished for doing work for their living. However, social/physical distance must be observed and people should not be allowed to go outside unnecessarily. Economic activities can be performed with some restrictions. We can stop recession and unemployment even in this worst situation if we take wise steps.

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