My First Cookbook is Live on Amazon!

Hey everyone! I may have spilled the beans in my post title, but I can't help but be so excited that my first cookbook is up on the online market!! You may recall from a previous post around the holidays that my dear @dksart surprised me with the first version of the book. He pulled some of the best recipes from my blog and edited them together into a stunning collection. The book came out so well we worked together on a few edits to put it out on the market. I never would have thought I was ready for that without him going ahead and putting in the work to make it a reality!

20190119 2.png

We are definitely both still in the learning phase about self-publishing, but we managed to get this one live on the third round of edits to get the file just right. It really is such a fantastic time to be able to actually get your content out there without having to get signed on by a publisher. I don't expect to sell tons of copies, especially on my first attempt, but it is still really neat to be able to market it for people I know who find value in having an actual book in hand. Now I need to take @blockurator's advice and set up my author page as I am excited to work on the next volume!

I have plenty more to say about what this means to me, but it is almost farmers market time here and that takes priority over all else on Saturday mornings! 🥕🍅 I just couldn't help share the news as I consider so many of you friends. Thank you to anyone who has been any part of this journey of mine from starting blogging and recipe creating just 18 months ago to now having a first edition cookbook out there! The more I share and create, the more confidence I have in that what I put out has value. Not just monetary value, but a true place in helping encourage others to enjoy wholesome food for a full and healthy life! Thank you all so much!


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