Hurried and Unhurried


I hosted an Unhurried Conversation today. It's an interesting format that allows for real listening and speaking without interruption. It's harder to do online, in my experience because in face to face versions, you have so much non-verbal communication that is lost on Zoom. But it still works and I was grateful for a space to listen quietly, share where I'm at honestly and fully and as usual, hear what I really think rather than the stuff that comes out in everyday chit-chat.

I was reminded that I felt quite disturbed when I moved to Guildford by the levels of unconsciousness that I perceived on the High St. These people looked like ghosts or zombies to me, wandering around without any purpose other than consumption. I took a series of photographs on a long exposure to try to capture some of this ghostliness and I'm only just able to look at them again with a critical eye. Some of them do work.

And it's a reflection on the idea of being in a hurry or being more relaxed about things that goes deep in a few dimensions that are too much to explain here. But something about slowing down in order to speed up. It's all entangled with this ADHD treatment/recovery whatever that is.

But it was something I've meant to do for some time and I'm glad I did it.

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