🔥 The Twitter Hustler Weekly Contest for 100 Hive (Week 2 Sept. 7 - Sept. 13) || The Result for the Twitter Hustler Week 2🔥

These are the results for the Twitter Hustler Week 2

All of our Top 5 Twitter Hustlers will get 20 Hive each

  1. ryo_6414
  2. FeltBuzzWrites
  3. mariatornero60
  4. Yonilkar777
  5. Anaely_Rdrgz

We will send your Hive via @hivetips in the Hive Tweets.

The Twitter Hustler Weekly Contest for Week 2 started from Sept. 7 at 00:00 UTC until Sept. 13 at 23:59 UTC.

100 Hive Giveaway.png

What is this contest?

There will be a contest for 100 #Hive prize pot in Most Active users on Twitter. The contest is all about the most number of tweets that have relevant value.

How many Hive can I win?

We have 100 Hive weekly giveaway. There are 5 people on Twitter that can win 20 Hive each.

What do I need to do to participate?

Be active on Twitter and keep on Tweeting using tags like #Hive, $Hive, #HiveChat, hive.blog(link), or peakd.com(link). The Top 5 most active users for the week will get 100 Hive distributed to them. Please use the cashtag $Hive when talking about the price. We recommend also adding #Crypto in our tweets to reach a larger audience on Twitter.

Do all my tweets related to #Hive will count?

We will only count the tweets that have relevant value. We have notice someone who is Spamming tweeting the tags with the same tweet text comments and another one is doing Retweeting with comments with only #Hive tags. I don't want to mention people's names here but I think you already notice some if you are actively sharing on Twitter.

We cannot control anyone from what they want to tweet but please refrain using the same text. We are proud of what the community achieved so far in the Twitter Hustle Game, we can get better from here. We do appreciate everyone on Twitter.

Our weekly #hive contest is sponsored by @theycallmedan and @threespeak together with the help of @hivetips team (@jackmiller / @lightproject) for creating a wonderful tool easy tipping.

Final words

At the end of the day, Effort > Talent, Good Mindset is better than Good Skills. Tweeting Good Morning #Hive is far better than doing nothing at all, every #Hive tweets are collective efforts together. We admire everyone who shares their time on the #Hive #Twitter Movement.

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