Blitz Contest #8 - Guess what's behind the scenes - Prize 1 CTP 5 PAL 5 SPT coin in liquid - What is this pole?

Hi all!

Do you like to see anomalous phenomena in front of you?

Sometimes I saw things that I could not understand because I could not touch them they were far enough away and looking at them I could only rely on my guesses like in the case of today's contest round, lol.

To be honest I don't know if I could have guessed what I see in this photo without the help of the clues that you can pay with JAHM coins as discussed below.

I propose to find out what exactly he hid from us.

Want to test your hunch?

So today on Saturday I'm announcing Contest #8 "Guess what's behind the scenes" and the theme of this contest will be a "What is this pole?".

  • You have to make an assumption:

Guess what exactly is the vertical pillar in the middle of the photo, I marked it with a red heart.

  • For people who have vision problems, such as colorblind, I want to say that the color of this pillar is in shades of gray.

It may be a simple decision based on logic but also something that is impossible to predict.

You can win quickly or you can think for a week if someone doesn't beat you to it!

The winner will receive 1 CTP 5 PAL 5 SPT coin in their wallet.


  1. The freedom of unlimited thought is welcome but you can be laconic, lol.

  2. You can support this fun or for this you have neither the strength nor the opportunity in any case you can take part in this competition.

  3. Share with friends or don't share simple take these coins! :)

  4. Communication within the competition brings more tips remember this verbosity is welcome!

  5. The winner if he wishes before I provide a complete photograph may be offered the option to increase the prize by 3 times if he guesses the exact location of the missing element of the picture perhaps its color or something else according to the additional question of the jury.

The same prize will be for the one who immediately guesses all the details of the missing elements for example the direction in which the elephant waves its tail to the left of the vertical axis or to the right, lol.

Buy "Contest Organizer's Hint":

If you have a desire to win the contest, but need some additional information that can guide you on the right path in finding clues you can purchase the Contest Organizer's Hint by paying it with JAHM coins which you can purchase on the market JAHM coins in HIVE-ENGINE.

Link to the JAHM coin market -

- 1 hint - 1 JAHM
- 2 hints - 5 JAHM
- 3 hints - 10 JAHM

You buy a JAHM coin, send it to my wallet and write a comment where you ask for a hint and provide a link to the transaction about transferring the coin.

Note that the clue will be fairly simple and not point to obvious signs of the object for example if the answer to the riddle was "cucumber" then the clue might be...crunching. :)

The purchased hint that you buy will be visible to all contestants so you have to hurry so that you can use it, lol.

But any clue is the way forward not back.

All received JAHM coins will be burned by me in the BBQ.

This contest will be active for the next 6 days.

I remind you that contest No. 2 will be active for another 1 days, join us!


I remind you that contest No. 3 will be active for another 2 days, join us!


I remind you that contest No. 4 will be active for another 3 days, join us!


I remind you that contest No. 5 will be active for another 4 days, join us!


I remind you that contest No. 7 will be active for another 5 days, join us!


Contests, the numbers of which have been missed, have already been closed and the winner has been announced.

Good luck!

Author @roninrelax.

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