Blitz Contest #5 - Guess what's behind the scenes - Prize 1 CTP coin in liquid - What time is it now?

Hi all!

Time is an interesting thing it cannot be reversed it cannot be accelerated it cannot be influenced from outside.

A man invented the clock in the hope that he would be able to control time but even this does not help him to be in time everywhere does not allow him to control the course of events.

For example looking at your watch you realize that you can go to the store and buy a fresh loaf of bread.

You go there and run into the closed door of the store, on which hangs a sign "recount" or "sanitary day".

Here even a strict adherence to time does not help us and we are forced to change our plans.

It turns out that we often have to guess the right time for something gardeners know this well because if they do not guess the time when you can plant seedlings of vegetable crops in the spring frost can strike and destroy young plants.

Want to test your hunch?

So today on Wednesday I'm announcing Contest #5 "Guess what's behind the scenes" and the theme of this contest will be a "What time is it now?".

  • You have to make an assumption:

What time is indicated on the old clock, the time format is 24 hours.

  • You must enter hours and minutes in your version and explain why you think so..

For example, you think that in the photo it is a sunny day and the hands of the clock have exceeded noon, but keep in mind that this is an old clock and its mechanism could stop functioning.

You can win quickly, or you can think for a week if someone doesn't beat you to it!

The winner will receive 1 CTP coin in their wallet.


  1. The freedom of unlimited thought is welcome, but you can be laconic, lol.

  2. You can support this fun or for this you have neither the strength nor the opportunity in any case, you can take part in this competition.

  3. Share with friends or don't share, simple take these coins! :)

  4. Communication within the competition brings more tips remember this verbosity is welcome!

  5. The winner if he wishes, before I provide a complete photograph may be offered the option to increase the prize by 3 times if he guesses the exact location of the missing element of the picture perhaps its color, or something else according to the additional question of the jury.
    The same prize will be for the one who immediately guesses all the details of the missing elements for example, the direction in which the elephant waves its tail to the left of the vertical axis or to the right, lol.

This contest will be active for the next 6 days.

Contest is closed! I remind you that contest No. 1 will be active for another 2 days, join us!


I remind you that contest No. 2 will be active for another 3 days, join us!


I remind you that contest No. 3 will be active for another 4 days, join us!


I remind you that contest No. 4 will be active for another 5 days, join us!


Good luck!

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