Blitz Contest #28 - Guess what's behind the scenes - Prize 1 CTP 5 PAL 5 SPT coin in liquid - What animal is depicted on the protome above the window?

Hi all!

My grandfather my father and I have always been avid hunters who could not calmly hear how a pheasant screams in a thorn bush or how a duck quacks in the reeds and a hare running away from us was regarded as a complete fiasco, lol.

Our house always smelled of gunpowder and barrel grease but what was not in it were stuffed animals that became our trophies.

We hunted only when there was a need for it or when we really wanted to serve game to the guests on the festive table.

True there were a lot of holidays, lol.

My grandfather was from Altai and every year he went there to replenish game stocks for his parents and my great-grandfather and great-grandmother.

Once I asked him why he did not order a stuffed pheasant like other hunters he knew to which he replied that the best memories of a hunter are the return of the gun to the shoulder during a shot and the smell of powder gases it is difficult to put on a stand hang it on the wall.

And he is absolutely right the dead head of an animal on the wall of your apartment looks like a mockery of the animal which exalts the hunter to the skies.

One day passing by a building, I saw an interesting variation which seemed to me a good alternative and more humane than a stuffed animal from the hands of a taxadermist.

Apparently the owner of the house was a hunter and installed a protom on the facade of the building above the arched window, as the relief head of an animal on the facade of the building is called.

This protome was made in full size and either it was a sculpture of a captured trophy or it is a hunter's dream to hunt this animal or maybe it is a symbol of some qualities or character of an animal that the owner of this building appreciates and follows them.

I saw many different protoms at different houses where you could see different animals but this one was special.

I took a photo of the protome and now I hide it behind the face of the cat that is looking at you.

It's time to guess what animal the cat is hiding behind him.

Want to test your hunch?

Remind you that you can buy some "help" !

So today on Sunday I'm announcing Contest #28 "Guess what's behind the scenes" and the theme of this contest will be a "What animal is depicted on the protome above the window?".

  • You have to make an assumption:

In the original photo you can see the head of the animal in the form of a protome guess which animal can be seen there.

It may be a simple decision based on logic but also something that is impossible to predict.

The winner will receive 1 CTP 5 PAL 5 SPT coin in their wallet.


As a tip, contestants can receive WINE, BEER, PIZZA, CTP, HUG, LUV, BBH, MEME, PGM coins.

The receipt of certain tips depends only on the availability of such an opportunity at the time when you posted your answer.

There are no preferences the only exception is cases when for technical reasons, a participant cannot receive one or another type of tip, these are special cases when we are waiting for the time when we can give a person a tip that he can receive.

All contestants are rewarded with tips but courage being the first is always respected and the interaction of participants with each other in our contests is welcomed.


  1. The freedom of unlimited thought is welcome but you can be laconic, lol.

  2. You can support this fun or for this you have neither the strength nor the opportunity in any case you can take part in this competition.

  3. Share with friends or don't share simple take these coins! :)

  4. Communication within the competition brings more tips remember this verbosity is welcome!

  5. The winner if he wishes before I provide a complete photograph may be offered the option to increase the prize by 3 times if he guesses the exact location of the missing element of the picture perhaps its color or something else according to the additional question of the jury.

  6. Within six days you can change your answer to the question three times. The final answer will be the last answer you gave.

  7. In the event that several contestants give the correct answer to the question posed the winner will be the one who gave the correct answer first.

  8. Blitz function: If you are 100% or more lol sure that your answer is correct and you don't want to reap seven days before the winners are announced or before the contest is sent to the unsolved mysteries archive, you can send me 10 JAHM coins by indicating this in your comment along with transaction link.
    If your answer is incorrect you will lose 10 JAHM coins which I will then burn but if you are correct you will receive your coins and prize back according to the terms of the contest.

Your actions under paragraph 8 of the contest rules:

Under your answer to the contest question, write that you are confident in your answer and ask for "Blitz" and provide a link to the transaction of transferring 10 Jahm coins to @roninrelax.
If your answer is correct, the contest will stop and you will be declared the winner.
If your answer turns out to be incorrect, you will receive the comment "Competition continues", please note, in this case, the chances of winning those who give their answer after you will increase.

Recommendations for contestants:

  • Your activity and interaction in the form of comments in the contest is the key to getting more tips which means that your work and courage are better rewarded.

  • The earlier you enter the competition the higher the chance of getting the most delicious tips.

Buy "Contest Organizer's Help":

If you have a desire to win the contest, but need some additional information that can guide you on the right path in finding clues you can purchase the Contest Organizer's Help by paying it with JAHM coins which you can purchase on the market JAHM coins in HIVE-ENGINE.

Link to the JAHM coin market -

- 1 hint - 1 JAHM
- 2 hints - 5 JAHM
- 3 hints - 10 JAHM

You buy a JAHM coin, send it to my wallet and write a comment where you ask for a hint and provide a link to the transaction about transferring the coin.

Note that the clue will be fairly simple and not point to obvious signs of the object for example if the answer to the riddle was "cucumber" then the clue might be...crunching. :)

The purchased hint that you buy will be visible to all contestants so you have to hurry so that you can use it, lol.

But any clue is the way forward not back.

All received JAHM coins will be burned by me in the BBQ.

This contest will be active for the next 6 days.

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Good luck!

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