Contest is closed! Blitz Contest #1 - Guess what's behind the scenes - Prize 1 CTP coin in liquid.

Contest is closed! We have a winner and it's @andy-vibes!

He gave an absolutely correct answer, and guessed that in the photograph, we really see a rear view of a Soviet-made Moskvich-408 car!

Hi all!

I thought it would be fun to start a blitz contest where the prizes will be liquid coins from our Hive-engine.

The rules are very simple, you will need to guess what is shown in the photograph from some fragment, or guess the second part of the cropped photograph.

For the first round, I propose to guess the brand of the car shown in the photo.

The winner will receive 1 CTP coin in their wallet.

The contest is simple and the prizes are small, the fun is worth it lol.

But, if you guess the car number, I will add 1 WINE coin from myself!

And, the one who guesses the letters under the number ... will receive a BEER coin!

The one who guesses everything will get both that, and another and the third :)

You can win quickly, or you can think for a week if someone doesn't beat you to it!


  1. Freedom of thought, but you can be laconic, lol.

  2. You can support this fun, or, for this you have neither the strength nor the opportunity, in any case, you can take part in this competition.

  3. share with friends, or don't share, simple. take these coins! :)

Good luck!

Author @roninrelax.

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