The Old Dog Presents: The Big Beautiful Door Knocker Contest!

On a recent trip to Basel Switzerland we saw some amazing door knockers! Would you like to see them? 

This is one of a pair that grace metal doors. I love the detail on the lion's head and the ring in its mouth makes a booming sound!

What Big Beautiful Door Knockers Have You Seen!

Before I announce the rules for this contest here are a few more photos of what I saw in Basel!

Here's another view of the amazing details in this work of art!

Now that you know the size of the knockers the whole door is even more impressive!

Here Are The Contest Rules:


  • Show me a photo of big beautiful door knockers!
  • Post your photos in the comment section below
  • The photo must be yours NOT one that you find on the internet.
  • Maximum of 2 entries per person
  • If you make a post promoting the contest I'll try and give it an upvote as well
  • There will be at least 5 prizes of 1 Steem each 
  • The contest closes in 7 days

If you like contests and would like to see more of them here on the Steem Blockchain please consider upvoting my posts. Contests  help our community so spread the word!

Until next time,   

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)  

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