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I left my laptop power cord at the cafe and now I have to go back and get it. Hope nobody took it. This just happened an hour ago. It is a holiday today. It is Independence Day, the 4th of July 2017. It is 9:00 AM in the morning right now in Saigon, Vietnam. I'm American and I'm 32 years old but I still forget things sometimes. I get so mad at myself when I forget things. I let myself get aggressive and mad because these are emotions we are to experience for the sake of it all for life and to learn from and to laugh at and everything and that is what I try my best to do whenever I can. I try to write about the times when I lose it. It is better when we write about even if we are not paid for it like through a website like, that means this website. It is therapy when we write. It is hard and I was sad and mad at myself for forgetting my cable or power cord for my laptop this morning. I always remember it. I thought it for a long time and called myself stupid. We can do that. We got to work it out and learn how to forgive and make sense of it. Sometimes, we cannot logically figure out how we forgot or when or where or how or why or whatever. I was able to remember that I was thinking about the couple next to me. I'm single, as in Forever Alone (FA), and I become sensitive a bit when I am near other lovers. It might make me jealous or sad or angry or nervous or whatever. I was in a hurry to go to work as an English Tutor or teacher or coach or advisor or consultant. I'm a freelance agent right now in Vietnam for the past almost 5 years like since 2012. I'm the Original Oatmeal or Joey Arnold Oregon Oatmeal or JoeyArnoldVN L4OJ Ojawall Cool Kid Tweety of Forest Grove High School and WOLBI NY and Salvation Army Camp Kuratli and Redwood Glen and Revolution Hawaii and CBC and the West Coast Camp WCC. This is what I do. That is who I am. Don't forget who you are. This morning, I skipped my normal routine which helps me not forget my cord. I skipped my routine partly because of like a distraction of the people near me and I was trying to not look at them or something and I just walked away with my backpack. I put my things into my bag like too quickly and walked away.

In my life, I have even forgotten myself. I lost myself even. I would get lost. In 1993 (not 1992 like I thought) in the summer in Oregon (OR USA), I got lost at Hagg Lake when I was 8 years old. Went to a house and saw a bit of Turtles 3 the movie where they go back in time to 1602 A.D. Japan. That family called the cops and found my family and I was saved again. In 1994 or 1995, I got lost at the Astoria Columns. My mom thought I got lost the first day at summer basketball camp at FGHS around 1995. I kind of get lost in the USA all of my life kind of at times and also in Vietnam too. I get lost in the head too many times. I would lose my glasses, wallets, keys, phones, and other things too probably. I have to make up habits and routines to help me not forget and I do remember a lot of things but I can also be a very absent minded professor and be all over the place as an abstract thinker and visual learner and everything. I am very random and I think all over the place when I am brain storming and I go on rabbit trails and my train of thought goes off tracks and makes sense to me but not to others and I love writing run-on sentences which may be wrong grammar wise according to old people or maybe even you but I love to write like maybe the Apostle Paul who wrote many books of the Bible and he wrote long sentences too and that is how I think and I you can always make a sentence longer with the word "AND" and "BUT" and the word "WHILE" and stuff and that is cool you know but it can drive you and even me and everybody insane and that is kind of how I get into messes and problems like forgetting things. I even forget grammar and I do not write every word that I am thinking like as if there is some kind of disconnect between my brain soul spirit mind heart and by actual physical and tangible body.

What do do you do when you forget things?

What can we do to better remember and not forget names?

How can we better remember things?

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