@Barski announces photo contest - Show me the Clean Planet - weekly prize pool of 18,000 SNAXP tokens

Round number 1 - Show me the Clean Planet!

Today is Sunday. Usually, on Sundays, many people go to the forest for picnics.
They want to relax and enjoy nature. Everything is harmless, but, once, the holiday ends.

After their stay in the forest, people leave mountains of garbage in the forest. Sometimes, they collect it in packages, but leave the packages in the forest.

Curious animals and the wind carry all this garbage through the expanses of the forest.

Many artists drew their inspiration from the forest. Shishkin's Picture - Three Bears, Remember?

One day, our grandchildren will also seek a source of inspiration.

They will come to the forest and will paint the landscape in oil. What will be depicted in that landscape?

Mountains of garbage?

The photographs that you see below are sarcasm, I deliberately wanted to imagine the garbage that lies on the ground, in the best possible way, beautifully.

I thought that such pictures could be useful. They can make people think about the nature that surrounds them.

Can we help our descendants see a clean planet?

I want to see two photographs from the contestants.

One photograph showing trash.

The second photograph, without garbage, you take it with you and throw it in the trash. For this, I will pay in hard currency.

Your response to this contest can bring you a coin!

Below, you can see links to other, weekly contests. I have not filled out contests for several days, but, you see them. Stay tuned for updates to our blog.

One and a half million tokens are waiting for their winners!

To all this, you can add your imagination and your skill.

On Tuesday, I suggested that you look at your feet, and for this I organized a contest @Barski announces photo contest - show me the reflection of the world in a puddle - weekly prize pool of 18,000 SNAXP tokens .

I did not know before that, this can bring some profit.

Yesterday, on Thursday, I thought of those who are unattractive, but no less interesting than other animals, these are rodents.

A contest was organized - @Barski announces photo contest - Show me a rodent picture - weekly prize pool of 18 LEO tokens

On Fridays, I suggest looking at the sky and making money @Barski announces photo contest - Show me the Iron Birds - weekly prize pool of 18,000 SNAXP tokens.

On Saturday, I asked you to show me the world of mushrooms, mosses and lichens @Barski announces photo contest - Show me Mushrooms, Mosses and Lichens - weekly prize pool of 18,000 SNAXP tokens.

These should be interesting angles that you should like, and I hope I like them.

I am ready to part with 18,000 @snaxp tokens every week.

1st place will receive 10,000 SNAXP tokens
2nd place will 5,000 SNAXP tokens;
3rd place will receive 3000 SNAXP tokens.
Tokens will be transferred to the winemakers @steem-engine wallet.

Below, you can see examples of photographs for the contest.
I took these photos at different times of the year.


The format of the photo does not matter, only your talent can lead you to victory.


You can use any means of photography. If, suddenly, you do not have any camera, you can draw a reflection, as you know, perhaps this is the way to victory.



1. Your photograph and a few words about it should be presented as a comment on this post. Two photographs are required of you, with garbage and without garbage.

2. It must be a photograph that you personally took. Plagiarism and stock photos are unacceptable.

3. Vote for this post.

4. Share this post with other bloggers.

Winners will receive their prizes after paying for this post.

Each of you can become a sponsor of this competition and increase the prize pool.

Your votes, this is a tangible support of this contest!

I wish you all a great hunt!

Photos taken with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300 camera
I edited a photo in the program PhotoDirector, which I also installed on my smartphone.

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