What's worth writing?

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In wondering what to write about. There is the question of. What is it people would like to read about. Here I am no idea what to write about and thinking does it really matter what I write. If I am not writing something specific, does it matter. I don't think it matters in the slightest at the moment.

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First of all, I look at the viewership. Now on Hive, let's be real. The number of readers on Hive is much lower than the number of writers. There is not many who come to read a post on Hive that are not already users of Hive.

On the initial starting point. There is very little chance a post by someone unknown would get read. That goes for every site though. The thing there is. Is there enough active users on the chain or looking at the chain for the amount of content put out. One thousand content creators for each reader.

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So ultimately. Over all I do not think any loner that the content in a post is anything more than a number to help fill a block. The more blocks that fill the better? Or does printing empty blocks count just as good.

My own experience has been. It does not matter much about the content wrote. A shit post doing battles in a game gets more rewards than an article sharing information of use. A post of your battles is of no use to anyone and just a scammy post to grab rewards. Then the amount of people doing that with up to 10 accounts or more. Yea Splinterlands posts should definitely be look at to get flagged. The same for saying the cards you got that day.

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Saying all of that, for myself I would still like to retain some standard for myself. (one a bit higher than the content of this post suggests) A direction of what to write is what I search for now. Just a general type of thing. Nothing specific like theories of Quantum writing.

Sometimes, it might not be the size of the post. If there are any pictures in the post.

Sometimes you do not need a thousand words to paint a picture.

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