Laundry Room Progress - July 27, 2021 @goldenoakfarm

Construction - laundry flooring crop July 2021.jpg

On Tuesday the flooring for the laundry room came in early. The carpenter had taken wood home to mill it for doorstops. When he got back, he was delighted to see the flooring had arrived.

Construction - laundry, planning floor layout crop July 2021.jpg

He set right about the layout and figuring up what he needed for subfloor.

Construction - laundry subfloor laid crop July 2021.jpg

Once he knew what thickness he needed he went and picked it up and got it all laid.

Construction - clean room shelving crop July 2021.jpg

At some point over the last 2 days he had determined the length of the shelves for the clean room, cut them and given them 2 coats of paint.

Construction - clean room corbels crop July 2021.jpg

On Monday I had ordered the corbel supports for the clean room shelves and he had picked them up. He got them painted on Tuesday. The clean room will be put on hold for a while now while he works on the laundry.

I heard back from the plumbers and they will come on Friday or Monday to do the 2 sinks. Once the clean room sink is in place the rest of the work can be done in that room.

Still no sign of the electrician…

On Wednesday the carpenter will be laying the laundry room floor.

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