2 Jobs Finished - September 16, 2021 @goldenoakfarm

Construction - heater chimney sealed crop Sept. 2021.jpg

The masons came mid morning on Friday and acid washed, blow dried, and sealed the masonry heater chimney. It’s all finished. They took down the staging and moved it to the back of the house.

Construction - prep for 2nd chimney crop Sept. 2021.jpg

This chimney is ¾ finished as my husband tried to do it but was unable to finish it. They will finish it, figure out where the leak is on the east side and fix it, and put a cap on it. They plan to start Monday morning. If there should be rain, they are set up to work on the pointing of the masonry heater inside.

Construction - bedroom door hinges crop Sept. 2021.jpg

The carpenter did some odds and ends in the attic and that’s done except putting casters on the insulated box. We found some casters and I got them ordered. He started on the bedroom door, as that’s part of the winterization project.

We planned for having a helper on Tuesday to go get the remaining materials with the truck. The truck goes in the shop for repair on Wednesday, for 10 days or so. So we spent a bit of time figuring out various projects and the materials needed, most of which are winterizing projects. Things like facing the backs of the stairs in the stairwell, building and insulated door for the bulkhead, and getting more insulation and furring strips for the root cellar.

In between all of this I was ordering things and trying to get chores done.

On Monday the carpenter will work on other winterizing things.

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