Sillicon Valley Censors Free Speech Again

And once again we are gathered here to talk about a case of censorship... One more time. It's sad and alarming, the technology giants apparently mounted a massive attack on the independent media and Alex Jones to "shut them up", it's a classic to label anything that doesn't agree with you as hate speech, but this may be the beginning of something much more serious.


The hypocrisy of Google, Facebook, Apple, Spotify and Mainstream Media is not surprising, while they ban and censor accounts and content because they consider them "violent" or disinformative, all of them coincidentally against progressivism and the left, then we see that there is usually "content" that despite having a really violent message, such as the video below, this, for Youtube seems to be correct, this is not hate speech and does not deserve to be censored in the least, by the way, I do not want that video to be censored, I think they have the right to free Speech I only want to show the hypocrisy of the social media...

This type of content is not censored, neither is the channel... Curious. It is also curious when mainstream media lies in such obvious ways and is not censored either. You may or may not like InfoWars or the controversial Alex Jones, but the truth is that they have the right to Free Speech, and just as they do not censor CNN, for example, by telling lies or "igniting" wars that end up killing and displacing millions, they should not censor InfoWars for fighting this Mainstream Media seeking the truth and seeing things from a different perspective.

But the left is like that, everything that it does not like or that is convenient for it, instead of trying to debate, it seeks to silence it at any cost because they know that in a debate they would lose out because their ideas are based on manipulation and sentimentality, it is not something new, it is something that has always happened throughout our history, for the United States the First Amendment has received a hard blow, nobody can make the great mistake of saying "This time I will not defend the First Amendment because I consider that Alex Jones is bad or I do not like InfoWars", do not be silly, please... Rights are rights and injustices are injustices, keep in mind that today it's InfoWars, tomorrow it's another conservative media, then it's "center" media, then it's me and finally you.

We have to support Alex Jones and InfoWars. If we don't support them then they will simply be the first of a long list of people, organizations and media that will soon also be censored by a bunch of intolerant people, that's how the dictatorships begin, little by little they are taking away your rights, they are attacking sectors where they consider that nobody will defend themselves and when you realize it, you won't be able to give your opinion without something negative happening to you because of having dissident thoughts, Venezuela and Cuba are good examples of this.



Alex Jones had uploaded excellent material for his Youtube channel, such as interviews with journalists, politicians and activists, now, thanks to Youtube all that information was lost, because of the dictatorship of being politically correct and not being able to stand dissident thoughts, it is pathetic, really pathetic that they have fallen so low, meanwhile day by day they show us that they have different "sticks" to measure what the "Hate Speech" is depending on whether the information comes from a conservative or a liberal.

Political diversity is important, thoughts diversity is important, also is diversity of opinion, , words do not hurt anyone and if they do, the problem is the person with crystal feelings, not the person who has the right to express his or her opinion, this type of organisation such as Facebook or Google hcan silence easily anyone who does not agree with them, this only creates problems, problems that we now have to resolve... Thanks for reading, peace.

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