Main Stream Media Manipulation Conspiracy? Interesting Case Caught on Google Inside...

Recently been noticing some strange things around the house and within my own body, manifesting themselves as tiny fluorescent single pixels of sorts forming in discoloured skin on myself, and also on the surfaces in my house. Under certain light or observed from a certain angle these little pixels are an incredibly bright blue and sometimes pinkish purple colour.

Upon further researching on sites like and other educational literature papers it donned on me that what I might be witnessing is something called a quantum dot, which, oddly enough, seems to be something that certain bio-engineered GMO strains of fungus such as Candida (yeast) are able to produce both in lab and in bio-films.

Now these quantum dots, depending on their chemical structure and synthesis route, have some very interesting optical and photo-electrical properties judging from the education literature I have read, with some able to give off certain wavelengths of light both in the visible spectrum and beyond, with others actually acting as small photovoltaic cells (solar panels) when exposed to sunlight.

Earlier today decided to do a quick google search to see if I was able to pull up some more information on this quantum dot technology, as in my research I ran across testimony that the US military has been using this and similar tech to actually do stuff like vital sign monitoring at a distance using some form of long range spectroscopy.. What google spat out though threw a handful of red flags up for me.. Look below:


Now, I don't know about you, and perhaps my tinfoil hat is on a bit too tight.. But it almost seems as if 5 different radio or TV stations that pop up, including the word COVID, which I didn't include in my search, all producing the EXACT SAME articles.. Well, looks like either propaganda to me, a concerted effort to spin a narrative, or perhaps that all of these different media stations are all owned and operated by the same people, pushing the same agendas (or perhaps all of the above).

When you dig a bit deeper and start looking into some literature on other fringe conspiracy theories like "chem trails" and other similar stuff you get mention of things such as nano sized aluminum and candida being detected in these contrails or chemtrails.. makes a mans start to wonder if perhaps we're seeing something rolled out on the planet designed to hook up all living things to the "grid".

With the IoT (internet of things) having been under development and slowly being rolled out, terms like "quantum supremacy" being tossed around and many countries blatantly and illegally asserting "full spectrum dominance" over both the digital and physical realms we exist in, I'm having a hard time simply brushing this off as being coincidence. While I generally try to avoid pointing fingers at the whole "Agenda 21" bullshit, the more and more I dig into the strange shit going on around the world and the outright ridiculous response of world governments to the Covid outbreak.. The more things don't sit well with me, my guts are telling me something is off.

Below is a video of the late great George Carlin hitting the nail on the fucking head:

We're sitting at the precipice of shit going beyond the people ever being able to fix it. They will fuck us where they can, experiment on us at will illegally and do whatever they want until we rise up and shoot these cocksuckers. Human rights are a fallacy, like Mr. Carlin states above they think they own us. The time is now to look into the darkness where these assholes hide, shine a light on them and kill on sight. Unless folks start the necessary shift away from the way things are headed we are all fucked.. The control grips will tighten, the surveillance will increase and your future will dwindle.

Also, for the blockchain record.. The term "Conspiracy Theorist" is a CIA coined term used to discredit people who were looking into their often illegal and heinous activities.. So when someone calls you a conspiracy theorist, remember they're just regurgitating the programming set in place by an organization with a record of drug dealing, assassinating presidents and purely sociopathic behaviour.. The whole system is set up to have the non-thinkers dismiss or attack the thinkers..

In the pursuit of full disclosure, I was pretty stoned the first time I noticed these tiny fluorescent dots on my skin.. So naturally I had to wait until I was sober to check again to make sure it wasn't drugs messing with me.. Lo and behold, even encompassed in sobriety these symptoms were still present.. That freaked me out more than anything. Anyone else noticing qDots or media manipulation around them? Sound off in the comments section below please if you have.

( an update on my development work coming later tonight, fret you not )

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