Conscious Music you have probably never heard of | #6 | Ajja & Cosmosis - The Alien Jams

The alien jams are a high-caliber fusion of ambient guitar licks with deep and satisfying downtempo beats, recorded in a trippy live setting at the famous HR Giger museum.

Swelling guitars, warm grooves and a mighty dose of human spirit make this album one of a kind.

The project consist of Ajja playing the guitar and the collective of Cosmosis laying down strong tracks to get lost in and drift away into warm and remote stretches of the mind.

The album makes for excellent make-out music (!!) or to just calm down after a tough day. So far I have yet to find anyone who doesn't enjoy these sessions - the guitars are rich and alive, the grooves and basslines have us captivated from the first track onwards and the imagery that is conjured up by this collaboration is highly rewarding to listen to. A well-rounded journey that manages to bring us back safely fom where we started, enriched by many new impressions and experiences.

With this track both Cosmosis and Ajja have taken a break from their usual Psytrance activities to deliver a chillout and ambient album of the timeless sort that has made huge waves in the scene. The alien jams have drawn much praise and many of the tracks became instant classics dominating chill and downtempo sets during the festival phase in summer.

As a guitar player I could easily get behind the magic they have created here, it is top notch and pays hommage to many heroes in the world of classical rock through technique and sound choice. If you feel you miss guitar tracks with a soul that sing and tell a story like the great guitarists of the 70s and 80s did embeded in a modern and highly engineered soundscape journey, this sound is pretty much what you are looking for ;)


@onemedia, I had to think of you instantly when this album came to mind, I have a feeling it would be totally your thing.
This album is pretty much what Blizzard Studios attempted the SC2 soundtrack to be, but it goes far beyond ;) The might of the human Earthly spirit in an otherwise alien part of the galaxy.

I have met many dads in love with classic rock and guitar legends that totally dig this album as well. In that way it manages to fuse several generations together in a most empathic and effortless manner.

Without further ado, here is the whole album.
Enjoy <3

You can buy the album on the bandcamp website in high quality.

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