Conscious Music you have probably never heard of | #38 | Man Of No Ego - Web Of Life

A soft and radiant journey through warm ambience beats, harmonic layers, playful synth patterns and a treasure trove of insights, Man of no Ego's 'Web of Life' album consists of broad and deeply engulfing tracks that are an ingenius spiritual support for days where life is getting tough, for sitting together with friends and family or for just getting purposefully lost in the auditory medium of epic storytelling through music.

The album features many profound insights into the nature of life, the universe and the human story as told by philosopher Alan Watts - by far one of my most influential philosophers that have helped me tremendously in considering deeper and more profound viewpoints as to what reality could be seen as, and why many of our inherited cultural narratives are insufficient in light of the interconnectedness of the cosmos, hence the name: Web of Life.

The album still brings tears to my eyes when I listen intently, it's attached to so many good memories of summer nights at psy festivals with my many love crews from around the Earth, and it's a marvellous addition to this series, next to Man Of No Ego's other album I have already featured. It took me a while to get into the mood for this record but ever since it has become very dear to my heart.

You can listen to the whole album here:

If you want to support the artist and get the tracks in high quality, you can do via Man Of No Ego's bandcamp page

"The Earth is not a big rock infested with living organisms –
Any more than your skeleton is bones infested with cells.
The Earth, is geological – yes – but, this geological entity grows people.
So this existence of people is symptomatic of the kind of universe that we live in."

"So the secret of waking up from the darkness, begins at sunrise;
Is the realization that, the only time that there is -
Is the present.
There’s no time - only an eternal now."

"As soon as you really discover this – and start living for a change,
Then everything is quite different – it becomes amazing.
Just as the waves are continuous with the oceans,
Your body is continuous with the total energy system of the cosmos - and it’s all you!"

"When we have this hostility towards the external world,
Because of the superstition and myth;
And the absolutely unfounded theory that you yourself exists only inside your skin.
Now, I want to propose another idea altogether;"

"You’re not something that is a results of the big bang – on the end of the process.
You are still the process, you are the big bang- the original force of the universe,
Coming on as whoever you are."

"You see when I first meet you, I see not just what you define yourself as,
This is so and so, this so and so, and this so and so.
I see every one of you as the primordial energy of the universe coming on at me in this particular way
I know I’m that too. "

"You can listen to songs and realize -
That is the whole point of being alive.
To go with this particular energy manifestation – to be it. "

"Every one of us, fundamentally,
Deep, deep, deep inside, let’s put it that way,
Is a act of, a function of, a performance of, a manifestation of – the works!
The whole blinking cosmos with all the galaxies that go on
Forever and ever and ever and whatever it is beyond that!"

"If you are aware of the state which is called “IS”
A reality, or life, this inters another state called; Isn’t!"

"Human consciousness is at the same time,
As being, a form of awareness and sensitivity and understanding.
It’s also a form of ignorance."

"The ordinary everyday consciousness that we have, leaves out
More - than it takes in.
And because of this
It leaves out things that are terribly important.
It leaves out things that would if we did know
Belay our anxieties’ and fears and horrors.
We would have a deep interior peace.
Now, the question that is absolutely basic to all human beings is;
What have you left out?"

Have an amazing journey <3


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