Conscious Music you have probably never heard of | #25 | The Riddler - Surprise


The Riddler's music is a truly amazing voyage into an empathic and profound microuniverse of human emotion layered with thick beats, warm pads and kirky leads that paint a picture so vivid it's actually quite hard to believe this is possible to achieve, I am still speechless every time I hear what he has delivered with this track. I marvel at the level of heartfelt engineering and the sense of warm resonance this track is engulfed in and seeds effortlessly wherever it is played.

The Riddler is Talpa's second music project, exploring the slightly slower and more groovy aspects of his musical inspirations with outright naughty tracks that bend, twist and bounce as they unfold into something most human ears have definitely never been privileged to listen to, and I am not exaggerrating here. If this is techno SIGN ME UP! The Riddler's sound is marked by gnarly saw- and square-wave landscapes that peaks the interest and go straight into the center of our experience, especially when listened to on headphones. It is that profound, emerging out of something rather simple and straight-forward like a steady beat that turns into utter wonder with a taste of funk and psychedelic colors sprinkled throughout to form a musical picture that is truly one of a kind.

This track has made me cry and dance, has inspired and shaped me in my musical journey more than I ever thought a single track could and has given me the permission to keep doing my thing musically regardless of categories, genres and expectations by myself and other people.

Since the project is nowhere near as well-known as Talpa has become within the scene and since I dig this track so very much, it is with great pleasure that I share this amazing piece of music with you today to bring some warmth into your day and to spread the massive amounts of inspiration this track conjures up in me everytime I hear it, I hope it will do the same for you.

The capacity of this piece of music to resonate, seed motion and emotion is simply mindblowing to me. So before I talk any further about a single track I welcome you to check it out yourself and to crank it up mightily if you so have the chance and let yourself fall into this emotional and clearminded excursion of inner space and human expression that literally begs for happy tears and a big-ass smile.

The level of sound engineering and the depth of the Riddler's music continously reminds me how essential it is as an artist to break seemingly rigid rules and to create something truly unique that will have a massive impact when the right set of ears is ready for it - maybe your ears are that set ;)

If you thought you were a non-dancer I dare you to put this track on,manage to sit still and not feel anything ;)

If you want to explore some more of the album you can use this playlist link here. You can also listen to the full album in high quality via The Riddler's bandcamp page where you can support the artist and purchase the tracks if they speak to you.

Hope this bit of audio-magic can bring some warmth into your sunday and inspire you to keep doing your thing, and never stop moving forward in whatever your thing is!

Please, enjoy <3

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