Conscious Music you have probably never heard of | #20 | Stellardrone - Between the Rings

Stellardrone is a magnificent deep dive into aetherial dimensions of melody and empathy. Warm pads, firm arpeggios and a tonality-focussed atmosphere engulf the listener in an aura of healing energy, reminding us without words to breath and let the universe unfold as it will - both in the grand scheme of things as well as within the microcosm-fractal we call our lives.

Between the Rings is Stellardrone's latest release and continues his musical legacy in mind-expanding and epic ways. Though more melody-, beat- and treble-heavy than earlier releases the album is marvellous journey in sound that will blow many people away who have never experienced such a dynamic range of intensity and softness in sound. If you can handle it... ;)

Contraction and release, ups and downs and a unique musical handwriting that has mighty capability to lead the listener back to his center and to reenergize the connection to the cosmos through vivid imagery and tone interactions of mighty proportions.

But these are only words... if you want to relax... and feel like being abducted at the same time this album comes highly recommended.

As always, if you want to buy the album in high quality and support the artist you may do so on his bandcamp page

Naturally, if you are fond of Cannabis and or Psychedelics, this album might be totally worth a try for your next mind journey at the risk of being overwhelmed. Likewise if you feel like taking a break from the convincing illusion of seriousness and mundanity this music might lift you up immensely, as long as your mind is able to handle thorough auditory input. Though relaxing, Between the Rings is by no means a minimalistic experience but rather a majestic voyage fitting to the beauty, intensity and multifacetness of the cosmos.

Enjoy <3


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