Conscious Music you have probably never heard of | #1 | Uwe Banton - Moneyfool


For today we will start with the German reggae artist Uwe Banton and his hilarious track "Moneyfool" that was created around the time of the last almost-crash of the banking system 2008.

Banton is a tireless life performer and has some catchy tunes to offer for those sick and tired of the scarcity-games played by the financial establishment.

If you are looking for some music to lighten up your day that manages to cast a firm critique on the debt-based fiat money system, look no further.

His music video is a great reminder for aspiring musicians how we can create a large impact with a small and unseeming production, if we stay true to our heart and write about the things that move us, regardless of the style of music we choose to create.

As avid music lover I have been meaning to share the hidden gems I have come across on my journey when it comes to conscious music largely absent from most people's radar.

This is a brilliant track I can recommend to anyone fond of reggae music and even to old bankers alike who seem to live in a reality bubble of their own "til di bubble pop" ;)

Money Fool
(Music & lyrics by Uwe Banton)

di money a turn dem inna fool
they're breaking the golden rule
di money a turn dem inna fool
cyaan quiet, cyaan cool

Verse 1:
things get bad, things get worse
no water can quench dem thirst
always craven, always greedy
no care for the poor and needy
speculating, calculating
the outcome is devastating
oh what a shock when dis bubble pop
a di day when di monetary system flop


Verse 2:
mi seh dem ready fi go sell dem owna bredda
'cause dem worship de bling and de dollar
putting their trust into vanity
ready fi sell dem soul for money
but di Rastaman no licky-licky
and di Boboman no nyamie-nyamie
even if heaven and earth fade away
we know JAH love is here to stay


Verse 3:
mi seh de stock market a dem sanctuary
weh dem worship di dow jones and dem paper money
dem no care about humanity
that's why dem loosing all dem sanity
for too long de whole a dem just a gamble
with di fate of the meek and de humble
now dem a fret 'cause dem a hear JAH JAH grumble
too late dem cyaan stop the system from tumble, no, no


Images taken from Banton's music video Moneyfool produced by Ganjaman (B.S.A.M.)

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