Conscious Music you have (probably never) heard of | #51 | Carbon Based Lifeforms - Derelicts

What would this series be without Carbon Based Lifeforms? They are one of those duos that most people outside of the psychedelic music scene may have actually heard about since they are madly successful (and rightly so), but it has only been a matter of time before I had to include them here for everyone who may not yet have encountered them before. The psy scene (and according to their own statements many people's lives) really wouldn't be the same without CBL and their amazing music.

CBL's music is somewhat of a paradigm shift to many who first hear it - it's a vast and tingling universe in sonics, warm like a summer's day, soft like a giant fluffy pillow and deep like the ocean. It's melodic and profound and will cause people to stop whatever they are doing when they hear it play for the first time. I have literally seen people at psy festivals hurry somewhere only to totally come to a rest while passing the chillout floor to sit down and let go of all the chores, tasks and plans they originally had just to enjoy the moment and to let themselves fall into rest with a large smile.

If I were to recommend music for a meditation session, for a period of healing and rest or for a reunion of long lost friends, family and lovers this would be it. They have many amazing releases and continue their successful legacy playing psy- and other festivals around Earth year by year and their music has the immense potential to turn many people on to dig and long for more profound music in their life, far from the superficial notions, noise and trivialities featured in so much popular music these days.

There really is no point in me talking about this music at all, if you are curious you'll just have to consider putting it on once in your life to get a sense whether this is a part of you as so many people have discovered to their amazement it is part of them.

And with the incredible levels of transformation in the air, the trials and tribulations humanity finds itself in and the challenges tied to the process of remembering who we are and what life on Earth is about I feel music like this will serve as a great reminder for what art is capable of doing to the human heart in the darkest hour. It can also serve to remind people of their inner greatness and to lovingly nudge them to seek out music that resonates with it, regardless of their musical background or usual preference.

I could have featured any of their releases here, but since I have recently been sucked into their latest I might as well start with where we are at in their artistic journey and share with you this highly loved most current release of theirs.

If you want to browse more of their music you can easily find all their releases on youtube or get all of their records in pristine high quality through their bandcamp page

If you feel you need a break from it all, do come check out this magnificent sonic gift and find your inner center again, it's right where you left it!


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