How do you maintain your Conscience?

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How are you hive friends?

In my today's blog, I wanna discuss the topic of how you can keep good conscience for yourself. Conscience helps you to evaluate your desires and thoughts or gives you a way to know what is wrong or right. To maintain a conscience for yourself first you need to have strong trust in your beliefs about what is best or wrong. Our conscience is a great gift from Allah.

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Having a good conscience is important for our inner peace and knowing the difference between right and wrong. You should always start to be honest with yourself and act with integrity, take care of your actions, and decide which you want to work on it.

As you know our purpose in living life in this world for the worship of Allah. A good conscience will protect you from sin and gives you the ability to build strong trust in yourself. Take special care of the behavior that you used to with your family or inter peoples. Recognize yourself when you did something wrong with anyone and try to solve it with polite manners. Treat others with kindness and do practices empathy. If you do a big mistake then admit it that way you will gain more respect for being honest with others.

Your conscience will help you to do the right things and be aware of the wrong things before doing anything. Always kindness to others and treat them in a good way. Also, you should use your conscience with your relationships for your peace of mind. Build your beliefs and strong trust in Allah for doing good deeds. Remember God is light and for your better lives you need it.

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